All Species Fishing License in Michigan: How Much Does It Cost?

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Michigan is a top tourist destination for fishing, with nearly 11, 000 inland lakes and over 3, 200 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. To fish in Michigan, you need to have a valid fishing license. The cost varies by species and residency status.

The All Species Fishing License allows anglers to catch all species of fish in the state’s waters. This includes trout, salmon, walleye, pike, bass, perch and more. The license costs $76 for non-residents and $43 for residents (as of 2021).

“A lot of people come up here just because they want to go fishing. ” – Tim Harman

Fishing enthusiasts from around the world come to Michigan each year to take advantage of its abundant natural resources. Whether you are a resident or out-of-state angler planning your next fishing trip in Michigan, knowing how much an All Species Fishing License will cost can help you budget accordingly. Keep reading to learn more about different types of licenses offered in Michigan and how they vary based on residency status and type of fish being caught.


If you’re a fishing enthusiast, Michigan is one of the best places to be. With its abundant lakes and rivers, there are plenty of opportunities for anglers of all experience levels. However, if you plan on pursuing multiple species, you’ll need an all-species fishing license. So how much does this type of license cost in Michigan?

The current price for an all-species fishing license in Michigan varies based on several factors. For residents of the state, a full-season license costs $26 while senior citizens can purchase one for just $11. There are also options available for shorter time frames such as 24 hours ($10) or 72 hours ($30).

For non-residents who want to fish in Michigan waters, the prices go up quite a bit. A full-season license will set them back $76 while seven-day licenses cost $30 and 24-hour licenses cost $15.

Note that these fees may change at any given time so it’s always worth checking with the state’s Department of Natural Resources before making your purchase.

This type of licensing system ensures that funding goes back into conservation efforts to keep Michigan fisheries healthy and sustainable for generations to come.

Regardless of where you’re from or when you visit our beautiful state; we recommend purchasing an all species-fishing license whether it’s for ice fishing or during open water season.

What is an all species fishing license?

An all species fishing license allows the holder to fish for any type of fish in the designated area, without having to purchase separate licenses for each individual species. This means that if you hold an all species fishing license, you can catch trout, salmon, bass, or any other type of fish that inhabits the waters where you plan on angling.

In Michigan, these types of fishing licenses are essential especially if you want to pursue different varieties of fishes living in its territory. The fisheries extend from the Great Lakes off Lake Huron and Lake Michigan which support a variety of large commercial offshore boats down to small creeks and warm water ponds.

Michigan offers several options for anglers when it comes to purchasing an all-species fishing license such as annual resident, non-resident, 24-hour permits with corresponding prices at $26 (Resident), $76(Non-Resident) and $10 respectively.

The state government uses the funds generated by issuing such licenses to finance programs aiming towards aquatic conservation measures and organize events promoting recreational activities within their local communities

Fishing enthusiasts are required to present valid identification documents issued by State Department like driver’s license or Passport during procurement processes carried out by official agents before getting authorized access into territories available under regulation

Who needs an all species fishing license in Michigan?

In Michigan, anyone who is 17 years of age or older and wants to fish any kind of fish species in both inland and Great Lakes waters must possess a valid all species fishing license. This includes fishing from the shore, pier, boat or other types of watercraft.

The exception for this rule are residents of Michigan who are born before January 1st, 1953. These individuals do not need to purchase a fishing license as long as they have a valid identification card with them while fishing.

If you plan on targeting trout or salmon when fishing in northern Lower Peninsula streams, then additional licenses may be required. For these anglers there is a cheaper option called just the “all-waters” stamp which covers every type of water except those small streams that are designated trout waters; however, most people looking for flexibility either because they don’t know exactly where they’ll go or what they might catch usually opt-in for an All Species License

Fishing regulations change frequently so it’s always important to check with the state department responsible for issuing these licenses to get current information about prices, rules and guidelines that motorboat operators should take into consideration alongside charter outfit recommendations.

An annual non-resident adult all-species fishing license costs $76 while their resident counterparts pay $26 per year instead. Senior citizens (65 and over) can purchase a reduced-cost senior citizen version at $11

It is also worth noting that many state parks offer discounted or even free entry passes along with daily permits if purchased well enough in advance prior your expected date of arrival apart from routinely scheduled demonstrations organised by conservation clinics around selective zones within prescribed periods upon outlining specific criteria necessary for participants. Therefore, double checking different sources for concessions likethese could possibly just go well with both traditional and online businesses planning on running one such entity as part of their agenda.

Cost of an All Species Fishing License in Michigan

If you are planning to go fishing in Michigan, it’s important to know the cost of an all species fishing license. An all-species fishing license is required for anyone who fishes on all inland waters or Great Lakes.

The prices for a resident and non-resident vary depending on the duration of the license. The annual fee for residents starts from $26 and goes up to $76 if you opt for a combination hunt/fish license while out-of-state visitors have to pay between $10-$80 per day which is quite costly but worth every penny according to passionate fishermen around Michigan’s aquatic paradise.

Youth aged below 17 can purchase the entire season-all fish type plus two rods endorsement at only $7 compared to adults costing them around $42 especially getting into line with many establishments offer discounts making sure children acquire this important life skill attributed with patience, effort as maximized fun within restricted rules governing recreational freshwater activities. .

Fishing licenses help fund conservation efforts that protect our natural resources here in Michigan ensuring we can enjoy these activities forevermore along with contributing towards improving aquatic sport awareness amongst future generations – get your costs covered today!

In conclusion, purchasing an all-species fishing license in Michigan enables one access some amazing spots off streams like flyfishing Carp River near Marquette MI or Little Manistee River not far away now inciting intrigues beyond price comparisons guaranteeing maximum unforgettable memories with family friends whilst legally enjoying baitcasting challenges against Monster Browns… don’t wait! Secure your license today!

What is the cost of an all species fishing license for Michigan residents?

In Michigan, an all species fishing license costs $26 for residents. Non-residents are required to pay a higher fee of $76.

The all species fishing license allows holders to fish in freshwater and saltwater bodies in the state. This includes fishing on inland lakes, streams, rivers as well as hunting in Great Lakes waters outside of three miles from shore.

Holders of this type of license also have access to certain state parks that charge entrance fees. The purchase of this license goes towards funding various programs by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) focused on preserving wildlife habitats and promoting recreational activities such as boating and hunting.

“Fishing provides endless opportunities for outdoor fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, ” stated Ron Olson, Chief of Parks and Recreation at DNR.

To obtain an all species fishing license, Michigan residents need to provide proof of residency which typically involves presenting a driver’s license or official ID card displaying their current mailing address within the state. It can be obtained online through the DNR website or through licensed retailers across Michigan.

Fishing enthusiasts looking to save money may opt for alternative licenses such as daily permits or those specific to trout and salmon depending on their preferred activity. However, anglers must carefully review state regulations to ensure they meet requirements before embarking on any fising activities


How much does an all species fishing license cost for non-residents in Michigan?

If you’re planning to go on a fishing trip in Michigan, it’s essential that you obtain the right licenses before casting your line. One of the most important ones is an All Species Fishing License which allows anglers to fish for any legal species within state boundaries.

The price for this type of license varies depending on whether you’re a resident or non-resident angler. Non-residents are charged more than residents and have three options:

  • 24-hour license – $10
  • 72-hour license – $30
  • Season-long license – $76

If you opt for the season-long option, you’ll be able to fish from March 1st till December 31st with no restrictions when it comes to size or catch limits. However, if you don’t plan on staying in Michigan that long and only need a temporary permit, then going for one of the shorter-term licenses may be a better choice.

“It’s worth noting that these prices are subject to change so make sure to check with the department before purchasing your license, ” says Mike Hopkins, director at Pure Michigan Fishing. “

You can purchase your fishing license online via the Department of Natural Resources’ website or at select retailers across the state. Make sure to carry it with you while fishing as failure to do so could result in hefty fines.

Where to Purchase an All Species Fishing License in Michigan

If you’re planning to fish in Michigan and are wondering where to purchase an all species fishing license, the process is quite simple. You can buy your license online or from various authorized dealers across the state.

The cost of the all species fishing license varies depending on residency status and age. As of 2021, a resident adult (ages 17-64) can get an annual license for $26 while non-residents pay $76 for the same permit. Senior citizens (residents aged 65 years and above) only have to pay $11 annually. An additional handling fee may be applicable when purchasing at some physical locations.

Note that prices vary every year and it is always best if you check with any licensed dealer prior to buying your fishing or hunting permit.

To purchase your all species fishing license online, visit https://www. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, and American Express cards as well as E-checks which can take up to three business days to clear in Michigan’s eLicense system before being activated. After completing payment either online or in-person, wait for activation notification then print out or keep digital copy ready during scheduled inspection by designated authorities including police officers monitoring freshwater regulations within state lines.

Apart from getting permits from dealers and websites listed under MI DNR resources such as Meijer supermarkets throughout the lower peninsula; Cabela’s outlets found mainly around Grand Rapids area but also available in other parts like Saginaw Bayshore Mall location among others – investing time into researching areas known as great spots within your budget range could make catching that trophy fish much more rewarding.

Can You Buy an All Species Fishing License Online in Michigan?

Yes, you can purchase an all species fishing license online in Michigan via the official website of the Department of Natural Resources. This option allows users to buy licenses from anywhere with access to the internet at any time.

The cost for an all-species fishing license is $26 for residents and $76 for non-residents per season. A 24-hour permit costs $10 for both residents and non-residents and a 72-hour travel permit costs $30 for residents and nonresidents alike.

If you are planning on spending ample time fishing around different areas within Michigan, it may be advisable to get an annual pass. With this sportsmen license, , you can enjoy fishing privileges across every county in the state without making additional payments or permits through multiple seasons.

“Purchasing hunting and fishing licenses helps fund over two-thirds of wildlife conservation efforts. ” -__Department of Natural Resources__

In conclusion, if you want to purchase your all species fishing license conveniently, consider getting one online on the DNR’s website as they possess everything necessary for acquiring any form of sportsperson documentation related to Michigan’s outdoors. If hoping to save cash while supporting conservation initiatives financially, then simply search out more about required passes before hitting the waters so that no rules will be broken whilst having fun and enjoying what nature has got to offer!

Where else can you purchase an all species fishing license in Michigan besides online?

If you’re looking to purchase an all species fishing license in Michigan, there are several options available aside from purchasing online. One option is to visit a local retailer that sells hunting and fishing licenses such as Walmart or Meijer.

You can also buy your all species fishing license at a DNR Customer Service Center. These centers are located throughout the state and provide anglers with assistance for questions related to fisheries management and regulations.

In addition, many bait shops, outdoor retailers, and sporting goods stores sell all species fishing licenses. You may want to call ahead to confirm their availability before making a trip out.

Note that if you plan on purchasing your license at a physical location, be prepared with cash or check as some places do not accept credit card payments. Prices for the all species fishing license vary depending on residency status (resident vs non-resident) and length of validity purchased (annual, 24-hour period).

Lastly, one convenient way to obtain your all species fishing license is through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ E-License system where you can print it out right at home after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an all species fishing license in Michigan?

An all species fishing license in Michigan allows an angler to fish for all species of fish in Michigan’s lakes, rivers, and streams. This license covers both resident and non-resident anglers.

How much does an all species fishing license cost in Michigan?

The cost of an all species fishing license in Michigan varies depending on residency and length of validity. For Michigan residents, a one-year license costs $26, while a 24-hour license costs $10. For non-residents, a one-year license costs $76, while a 24-hour license costs $10. A 72-hour license is also available for non-residents for $30.

Where can I purchase an all species fishing license in Michigan?

An all species fishing license in Michigan can be purchased online through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website, at any authorized license agent, or at a DNR customer service center. Some retailers, such as Walmart and Meijer, also sell fishing licenses.

What are the benefits of purchasing an all species fishing license in Michigan?

Purchasing an all species fishing license in Michigan allows anglers to fish for all species of fish in the state’s lakes, rivers, and streams. It also helps fund conservation efforts to maintain and improve fishing opportunities in Michigan. Additionally, some fishing regulations, such as size and possession limits, are waived for those with an all species fishing license.

Are there any discounts available for an all species fishing license in Michigan?

There are some discounts available for certain groups, such as senior citizens and disabled veterans. Michigan residents who are 65 years of age or older can purchase a reduced-cost annual fishing license for $11. Disabled veterans who are residents of Michigan can apply for a free fishing license. Additionally, some retailers offer discounts on fishing licenses during certain times of the year.

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