Catch the Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword with These Simple Tips

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If you’re an avid Pokemon Sword player, catching fossilized fish might be on your to-do list. These Pokemon can only be obtained through a special mechanic that involves digging up fossils and reassembling them in the correct order. However, figuring out which fossils belong together can be challenging.

But fear not! With these simple tips, you’ll have no trouble catching the elusive fossilized fish:

“Catching rare Pokemon is all about patience and persistence. ” – Ash Ketchum

The first step to catching fossilized fish is obtaining the correct fossils. Each fish requires two distinct fossils to create: one for its body and another for its fin shape. Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish correspond to Arctovish while Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino match with Dracovish.

Once you’ve acquired the correct fossils, head over to the scientist in Stow-on-Side who can combine them into a living creature. Remember that each scientist can only reconstruct one combination of fossils at a time, so plan accordingly if you are trying to obtain both types of fossilized fish.

With some luck and guidance from this article, you’ll soon add these rare specimens to your collection!

Understanding the Basics

If you’re playing Pokemon Sword, one of the rare finds you might come across is a Fossilized Fish. It’s not impossible to obtain, and with some knowledge and strategy, you can get your hands on it in no time.

The first step in getting the Fossilized Fish is to visit Route 6. This route connects Hammerlocke City to Stow-on-Side, and is home to several trainers that are waiting for a challenge.

As you explore Route 6, be sure to keep an eye out for hidden items scattered throughout the area. These could include berries or other useful items. Keep in mind that finding these hidden items requires careful exploration, so take your time when going through each section of the route.

“Once you reach Professor Cara Liss at Stow-on-Side, she’ll give you a choice between two fossils: The Fossilized Bird or the Fossilized Dino. “

When you reach Stow-on-Side and enter Circhester Hotel, head upstairs to find Professor David who will revive either fossil for free once per day. You must choose whether it will be revived as Arctovish or Dracovish before leaving. Remember that this process requires patience as well as strategic thinking- Don’t rush through things blindly! Follow these steps carefully and soon enough you’ll have your very own Fossilized Fish!

What is the Fossilized Fish?

The Fossilized Fish is one of the many fossils that can be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is an item that players can collect and revive to obtain a prehistoric Pokemon.

To obtain the Fossilized Fish, players need to go to Route 6 and find the Digging Duo. Players will have to pay them Watts or Poke Dollars for their services, which include digging up items such as fossils.

If players are lucky enough, they may retrieve a Fossilized Fish from the Digging Duo’s excavation efforts. However, it should be noted that there are other types of fossils that players could receive instead.

“The best method to obtain the Fossilized Fish is by visiting Watt Traders. ”

This quote suggests another way of obtaining a Fossilized Fish- by trading with Watt Traders in-game. These traders will sell different types of items every day for varying amounts of Watts or currency. Occasionally, they might stock a Fossilized Fish for sale, making it easier for players to acquire one.

In conclusion, obtaining a Fossilized fish requires luck or visiting Watt Traders frequently. However you get it though, make sure to use it wisely since this fossil could hatch into useful water-type Pokemon like Arctozolt and Dracovish.

Where to find the Fossilized Fish?

If you want to know how to get the fossilized fish in Pokemon Sword, you must understand that it is not easy. The fossilized fish can only be obtained through two ways: either by choosing it as your reward from Stow-on-Side’s professor or after defeating the auxiliary gym leaders at Wyndon.

Another option that you have is trading with other trainers who already have this item.

To obtain fossils for both Shield and Sword versions of Pokemon games, go to Route 6 in Galar mine where a scientist resides. Giving him bone will award players with armorite ore while giving him fossils will result in finding different pokemon like Dracovisha and Arctozolt.

The best way to increase your chances of getting a fossilized fish is to keep grinding, especially if you are aiming for one specific type when trading with other trainers.

After obtaining the fossilized fish, take it to Cara Liss – a character located on route sixes tent. She performs a revival process which makes Ruin Fiend usable once again.

In conclusion, obtaining the fossilized fish requires some effort and patience; however, using these methods may just land this coveted item into your hands!

Preparing for the Hunt

Getting your hands on a Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword can be quite the challenge, but with a bit of preparation and luck, you’ll be able to complete your collection.

The first step is to acquire at least one Fossilized Drake or Fossilized Dino. These fossils can be found by completing battles in the Stow-on-Side gyms or by visiting Digging Duo near Route 6. You will need two of these fossils as they combine to form the Fossilized Fish through restoration done at the Pokemon Lab outside of Wyndon city

Once you have both pieces, head over to Wyndon and take them to Professor Sonia’s lab located just beside the Pokémon Center. There she will restore it into a fish with which you are now ready for using it in battle

If all else fails, don’t lose hope. Keep training, keep exploring and eventually luck will come your way.

In conclusion, acquiring a Fossilized Fish requires patience and some careful planning. Be sure to explore every corner of Galar so that no stone goes unturned!

Choosing the right Pokemon

In order to successfully obtain the Fossilized Fish in Pokémon Sword, it is essential to choose the appropriate set of Pokémon that can help you achieve this goal. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting your team:

Type Advantage: Make sure your chosen Pokémons have type advantages over their respective opponents in the game.

Moveset: It’s a good idea to check the movesets and abilities of each Pokémon before deciding on which ones to include in your party. Choosing efficient and powerful moves will greatly increase your chances of winning battles and obtaining valuable items like Fossils.

Pokédex Entries: By referring to the Pokédex entries, one can gain vital information about specific Pokémon’s habits, weaknesses, strengths, and how they interact with other creatures within their environment.

Evolutions: Some early-evolving Pokémon may not appear very impressive at first glance but can evolve into incredibly strong creatures later in the game. Keep an eye on these evolution options while building up your collection so as not to miss out on any powerful allies!

“Don’t forget, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating a successful team – finding Pokémon that work well together takes experimentation, patience, and strategy. ”
So, keep experimenting with different combinations of spirited companions by testing them against various types & challenges throughout Galar region until finding that perfect match for accomplishing what one desires – even if its acquiring Fossilized Fish!

Stocking up on Pokeballs

If you want to catch the Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword, you need to make sure that you’re prepared before heading out. Having a good stock of Pokeballs should be your top priority since catching it won’t be easy.

The best way to get more Pokeballs is by visiting Pokemarts throughout the region and purchasing them from there. You can also earn some through completing various challenges and battles in the game.

Additionally, if you’ve reached a certain point in the game, you’ll have access to an item called “Wishing Pieces. ” These are valuable items that allow you to throw them into a den containing a Dynamax Pokemon boss battle, which rewards you with rare items such as TRs or even higher-level Pokeballs like Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls.

Pro tip: try not to waste too many Pokeballs attempting to catch other Pokemon along your journey unless they’re essential for your team’s development. This will ensure that when it comes time to catch the Fossilized Fish, you’ll have enough resources on hand.

Finally, one last thing to keep in mind is always keeping track of what type of Ball works best against different types of Pokemon – this can increase your chances significantly!

To sum up, stocking up on Pokeballs requires taking advantage of available opportunities within the game. Playing strategically with capturing other Pokemon could go a long way towards helping obtain the Fossilized Fish needed!

Catching the Fossilized Fish

Getting your hands on a Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword can be tricky, but with determination and a little bit of luck, you’ll have it in no time. Here are some tips:

1. Search for Digging Duo Dupes.

The easiest way to obtain fossils is by finding someone who will dig them up for you. The Digging Duo — an NPC duo located at the Bridge Field Wild Area entrance — will happily do this task, depending on what they uncover from holes dug into the ground. If you’re lucky enough to find Digging Duo Dupes and trade them with these NPCs, you’ll increase your odds of obtaining more valuable items like fossilized fish.

2. Check out Stow-on-Side’s antique shop.

If getting fossils through digging isn’t working out for you, consider visiting Stow-on-Side’s antique shop. It occasionally sells different types of fossils that aren’t accessible elsewhere during normal gameplay. Keep checking back until you see the specific fossil that you need for your collection.

“Remember, while trading with other players may seem easier than searching yourself, make sure it doesn’t spoil your sense of accomplishment. ”

3. Catch Arctovish or Dracovish

In addition to trying your hand at exploration and shopping around Galarian regions for fossils, there’s one more option: fight new matches and attempting to catch either Arctovish or Dracovish! These two Pokémon come pre-loaded with both halves of unique fossils—Arctozolt (Ice/Electric) and Dracozolt(Dragon/Electric), respectively—that fuse together upon evolving via level-up. This “evolving” process will result in a brand new, fully evolved fossil Pokémon from either their head or body.

With these tips and additional features imported to generate fossils, you should have no problem gaining access to the elusive Fossilized Fish.

Battling the wild Pokemon

When searching for a Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword, it’s important to be prepared for battle with any wild Pokemon that may come your way. Here are some tips on how to effectively navigate through battles:

1. Know your type advantages: Each Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses based on their type. Be sure to know which types have an advantage over the one you plan on battling.

2. Use status moves strategically: Moves like Sleep Powder or Thunder Wave can help increase your chances of catching a wild Pokemon by making them easier to catch or less likely to attack back.

3. Keep an eye on your party’s health: It’s important to frequently check the HP status of each Pokemon in your party to ensure they don’t faint during battle.

“Remember, every time you defeat a wild Pokemon, there’s always a chance it could drop an item- including Fossilized Fish!”

4. Don’t skip those random encounters: While wandering around looking for Fossilized Fish may seem tedious at times, every encounter increases your chances of finding one. Plus, practice makes perfect!

By implementing these tips, players will have better luck navigating through battles as they search for the elusive Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword. Good luck!

Using the right Pokeball

If you want to catch a Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword, it is essential to use the right Pokeball. The best option for catching this type of Pokemon is a Dusk Ball, as they are most effective when used during night time or in dark caves.

However, if you don’t have access to Dusk Balls, Ultra Balls are also a good alternative. These can be found at most Pokemarts and become more effective as your Trainer level increases.

It’s important to note that using weaker balls like Great Balls or regular Pokeballs might result in your attempts failing frequently, especially if the Fossilized Fish has high stats.

“You must make sure that your Pokemon isn’t too strong compared to the Fossilized Fish because an overpowering Pokemon may unintentionally faint it. “

In addition to having the right kind of ball, obtaining the Fossilized Fish usually requires players to progress through certain areas of the game before finding them hidden away within special fossils. They can then be revived via scientists within specific towns throughout Galar.

To sum up, using a Dusk Ball or Ultra Ball and ensuring that your own Pokemon isn’t excessively powerful will give you the best chance of successfully catching a Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword.

Using the right catching technique

If you’re trying to catch the Fossilized Fish in Pokémon Sword, there are a few key techniques you should keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your team is properly leveled up before attempting to capture this elusive fish.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure all your Pokémon are at least several levels higher than the level of the Fossilized Fish. This will increase their chances of successfully capturing it without reducing its HP too much.

Another useful technique for catching the Fossilized Fish involves using status effects like Sleep or Paralysis. These can help weaken the creature and slow down its movements, making it easier to target with Pokéballs.

“It’s also a good idea to stock up on Quick Balls and Timer Balls. “

Finally, when attempting to catch any tough creature in Pokémon Sword (or any other version of the game), it’s always wise to build up a stockpile of specific types of Pokéballs that can be used in different situations.

In particular, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of Quick Balls and Timer Balls on hand when going after particularly challenging prey – such as the legendary Fossilized Fish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find the Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword?

The Fossilized Fish can be found in the Stow-on-Side fossil center in Pokemon Sword. You will need to have progressed through the game and obtained the Water Badge before you can access the fossil center. Once inside the center, you can choose to revive the Fossilized Fish or combine it with another fossil to create a different Pokemon.

What Pokemon can you use to catch the Fossilized Fish?

You cannot catch the Fossilized Fish in the wild in Pokemon Sword. Instead, you will need to obtain it from the Stow-on-Side fossil center. To access the center, you will need to have progressed through the game and obtained the Water Badge. Once inside the center, you can choose to revive the Fossilized Fish or combine it with another fossil to create a different Pokemon.

What do you need to do to revive the Fossilized Fish?

To revive the Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword, you will need to take it to the Stow-on-Side fossil center. Once inside the center, you can choose to revive the Fossilized Fish or combine it with another fossil to create a different Pokemon. To revive the Fossilized Fish, you will need to have a spare slot in your party and enough money to pay for the revival process. Once revived, the Fossilized Fish will become the Water/Rock type Pokemon, Arctozolt.

Can you get more than one Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword?

Yes, you can obtain more than one Fossilized Fish in Pokemon Sword. You can choose to obtain another Fossilized Fish in a new game or by trading with other players. You can also obtain a Fossilized Fish by using the Digging Duo in the Wild Area, but the chances of them finding one are low. Once you have obtained a Fossilized Fish, you can choose to revive it or combine it with another fossil to create a different Pokemon.

Is the Fossilized Fish exclusive to a certain version of Pokemon Sword?

No, the Fossilized Fish is not exclusive to a certain version of Pokemon Sword. It can be obtained in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. However, the Pokemon that can be obtained by reviving the Fossilized Fish, Arctozolt, is exclusive to Pokemon Sword. In Pokemon Shield, players can obtain the Water/Electric type Pokemon, Dracozolt, by reviving a different combination of fossils.

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