Discover the Surprising Fish That Makes Caviar in Stardew Valley

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If you’re looking for a unique item to sell in your Stardew Valley farm, caviar is one of the rarest and most expensive food items that you can produce. However, what makes caviar in Stardew Valley different from real-life caviar? The answer lies in the sturgeon fish.

In reality, sturgeons are well-known for their valuable roe or eggs, which we commonly know as real-life caviar. In Stardew Valley, however, it’s not just any ordinary sturgeon but rather the elusive lava eel that produces this highly priced delicacy. You’ll have to venture into the treacherous depths of Mount volcano during winter if you want to catch them!

“The Lava Eel lives deep in molten lava pools. ” – Willy

While catching these fish may seem daunting, producing quality caviar will definitely pay off handsomely. Not only does it give you energy boosts when consumed but selling it at high prices will also help improve your income.

So why not take up Willy’s challenge and see if you have what it takes to conquer the mountain and retrieve some precious lava eels!

Introduction to Caviar Production in Stardew Valley

If you’re an avid player of the popular farming simulation game, Stardew Valley, then you know that fishing is just as important as growing crops and raising animals. But did you know that one particular fish can be turned into a luxury food item?

The answer to “What Fish Makes Caviar In Stardew Valley?” is sturgeon. These bottom-feeding fish are quite rare but can be found in the mountain lake during summer or winter.

To produce caviar from sturgeon, players need to first obtain a roe which can be done by catching a sturgeon using a fishing pole with bait attached. Once acquired, players can place the roe inside a fish pond where it will slowly mature for several days until finally producing caviar.

“Caviar is an excellent source of income in Stardew Valley, ” says Pierre, owner of Pierre’s General Store. “It sells for 500g each and makes a great gift too. “

Caviar-making also requires an oil maker machine that turns sunflower seeds into oil which will eventually be mixed with the matured roe to create caviar.

So next time you catch a sturgeon while playing Stardew Valley, consider turning it into valuable caviar instead of selling it immediately!

The ins and outs of producing caviar in your farm

Producing caviar requires a lot of attention to detail and patience. There are many factors that can affect the quality of the final product, such as the type of fish used, feeding habits, water temperature and even stress levels.

In Stardew Valley, sturgeon is the most commonly used fish for producing caviar. To start producing caviar from sturgeon, you first need to build a pond on your farm with at least one level 10 sturgeon.

Feeding your sturgeon consistently will be key in obtaining high-quality roe. Sturgeons prefer foods like algae pellets or trout chow so it’s important to feed them these kinds of meals every day. Once they have reached maturity (around three years old), sturgeons should begin laying eggs which you can then collect and use to produce delicious caviar.

“It takes about seven days for collected roe turned into Caviar. “

To make caviar out of collected roe, place it inside a Preserves Jar along with salt. It takes about seven days for collected roe turned into Caviar. Make sure to keep an eye on the jars’ progress because leaving them too long could ruin the taste and texture of your hard-earned product.

Producing high-quality caviar is not easy but following these tips will help get there much faster!

The Secret Fish Behind Caviar Production

Stardew Valley players who have been searching for the fish that produces caviar need to look no further than the sturgeon. This elusive and high-value fish offers a premium source of income, but it can be notoriously difficult to catch.

Players will need patience and skill as they try to reel in this prized game fish during specific seasons and times of day. Sturgeon fishing is best done early in the morning or late at night when these bottom-dwelling fish are most active.

“The thrill of catching a perfect sturgeon makes all the effort worth it, ” says seasoned Stardew Valley player Emma. “But feeding them can become tiresome. “

When not being used for their valuable roe, or eggs, sturgeons must be fed specialized food called algae pellets which can add up over time, making them an expensive asset to maintain.

Catching and retaining live sturgeon requires careful attention on behalf of the farmer – using proper bait plus attending their needs with water quality and temperature control if you opt for farm-raising them. But with such unique benefits comes great sacrifice!

Overall, while catching sturgeon takes patience, effort, proper care-taking along with investment; once unlocked–the pay off toward achieving its ultimate potential greatly overshadows its setbacks!

Learn about the rare and valuable Sturgeon fish

If you’re a Stardew Valley player, you might be wondering what fish makes caviar in the game. Well, it’s none other than the sturgeon.

The sturgeon is one of the most ancient fishes on Earth and has been around for over 120 million years! It’s considered a living fossil due to its prehistoric origins. They are known for their large size and longevity, with some sturgeons living up to 100 years old.

In terms of taste and value, caviar made from sturgeon eggs is highly sought after in culinary circles. The prestige of consuming this delicacy can come with high price tags as well – making it an exclusive commodity limited to only those who can afford it.

“The rarity of sturgeon-based products like caviar adds to their desirability among consumers. ”

Unfortunately, wild populations of sturgeons have dwindled due to factors such as habitat destruction and overfishing. This has led to increased efforts towards conservation measures aimed at preserving these fascinating creatures for future generations.

So there you have it – now you know which fish produces caviar in Stardew Valley.

Why Sturgeon is the only fish that can produce caviar

If you’re playing Stardew Valley and looking for a way to make your character rich, producing caviar might just be the answer. But what type of fish do you need to catch in order to make this luxury product? The answer is simple: sturgeon.

Sturgeon has long been known as one of the most coveted fish species when it comes to making caviar. This is due to the unique texture and flavor profile of its eggs which are larger than most other types of fish, with a nutty taste and slightly softer consistency.

In fact, not all sturgeons are created equal when it comes to their ability to make delicious caviar. Only certain species such as Russian Osetras, Belugas, and Sevrugas possess the eggs needed for high-quality caviar production.

“Sturgeon’s roe has remained popular throughout history thanks in part to its rarity. “

While catching a sturgeon in Stardew Valley may take some time and patience as they are considered rare catches during Fall or Winter seasons (Rainy Days), the payout can be worth it if you manage to transform those coveted sturgeon eggs into premium quality artisanal “stardrop” caviars at around 500 G each! Keep in mind though that once harvested Sturgeon reponds slowly costing even more precious crab pot space until another mature adult reproduces ready again.

In summary, while there numerous kinds of fishes available on Stardew Valley from rivers, ocean or lakes – Caviar makers would want their stock exclusively from Sturgeons given that no other fish compares when it comes delicious elevated flavor profiles perfect for entertaining friends!

How to Catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

If you’re looking for a fish that makes caviar in Stardew Valley, then the sturgeon is your catch. Below are some tips on how to catch this elusive fish:

1. Fish during the right season and time of day.

The best time to catch sturgeon is during the winter from 6am-7pm. It can only be caught in freshwater rivers or lakes containing mountain-type fish.

2. Use bait or tackle that helps attract it.

You can either use wild bait which attracts all types of fish, or equip fishing tackle such as Trap Bobber or Magnet Bait specifically designed for catching challenging fish like the sturgeon.

3. Cast your line near bubbling spots in water bodies.

Bubbling spots usually indicate an underwater creature, so try casting your lure there while also paying attention to any movements indicating that a biting activity may be taking place; this includes sounds of nibbling and formation of bubbles around your float/bobber.

Note: Patience is key when trying to catch a sturgeon since they require more skill than most other fish species present within game environments!

Gather enough amounts of sturgeon eggs together with salt via Preserves Jar farming structure found at home map’s carpentry section where it unlocks crafting recipe after reaching level four Farming experience points (the same goes for making other products along with them)

Overall, though challenging to obtain, catching a Sturgeon successfully could bring forth hefty rewards consisting of both caviar production and sellable meat source.

Where to find Sturgeon in the game

If you’re looking for caviar in Stardew Valley, then you need to know which fish makes it. The answer is simple – sturgeon.

To catch a sturgeon, you’ll need to have access to the Secret Woods. You can enter this area once you’ve acquired a steel axe and repaired the bridge near the Wizard’s Tower. Once inside, head towards the pond located at the bottom of the map.

The best time to catch a sturgeon is during winter between 6am and 7pm on sunny or snowy days. They can also be caught year-round in any weather condition between 6am and 7pm using a baited fishing rod with level six fishing skill or higher.

“Sturgeons are rare catches so don’t get discouraged if you didn’t catch one right away. “

Another way to obtain sturgeon is by purchasing them from Krobus every Friday (unless there is a festival) for 600 gold each after reaching four hearts with him. Additionally, they can occasionally be found inside treasure chests while fishing ocean water and as loot from Mummies in The Desert Mine levels.

Once you have your hands on some Sturgeon, take them inside your Fish Pond where they will produce roe but never die or disappear upon being harvested unlike other fish that are consumed when harvested.

In conclusion, if you want caviar in Stardew Valley, go for a sturgeon!

The best bait and tackle to use when fishing for Sturgeon

Sturgeon is a popular, prized fish that can be found in various freshwater bodies around the world. In order to catch one of these giants, you need to have the right equipment at your disposal, including both bait and tackle.


The best bait to use when fishing for sturgeon includes salmon eggs, shad roe or worms. These are all tried and tested natural live baits that will attract even the most elusive sturgeon to your hook. Alternatively, you could also try using artificial lures like a spinnerbait or crankbait if you want an odorless option without sacrificing its effectiveness.


Your choice of tackle will depend on the size of the sturgeon you’re targeting. A quality rod with medium-heavy power will suffice but consider investing in braided line because it has greater strength than monofilament lines making it great for catching large fish like sturgeons easily. You should always match the weight capacity of your rod with equal-sized reels so that it doesn’t break under stress as some of these big guys can grow up to several hundred pounds!

“Once hooked, fighting these prehistoric beasts requires patience and finesse. “
In conclusion, knowing what kind of bait and tackle works best makes all the difference when trying to land this legendary fish called Sturgeon. It may take time and persistence but once caught they make for a wonderful meal! By investing in quality gear needed along with researching areas within rivers or lakes where sturgeon love congregating during different times throughout each season – anglers can improve their chances exponentially while reeling them in successfully every single time!

Tips and tricks to catch Sturgeon quickly and efficiently

Sturgeon is a rare fish, but it’s worth the effort because it makes caviar in Stardew Valley. Here are some tips on how to catch sturgeon quickly and efficiently.

1. Go Fishing at Night: Sturgeons are more common between 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

2. Use Trap Bobbers: The trap bobber will prevent your fishing line from bouncing around when you try to reel in sturgeons. It also slows down the rate of bait consumption.

“Using high-quality bait or tackle can increase your chances of catching different types of fish. “

3. Choose the Right Bait: Using iridium quality roe as bait can yield significant results for sturgeon fishing. Alternatively, mayonnaise works well too if you don’t have enough iridium-quality roe!

4. Know where to find them: In Stardew Valley, you can catch sturgeons at both Secret Woods Pond and Witch’s Swamp pond so go ahead and visit these locations regularly!

Remember that catching a sturgeon takes patience and skill. Follow these suggestions to get closer to getting one fast !

The Caviar-making Process in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game that features an array of different fish species. Some players love catching and selling fish for profit, while others prefer to turn their catches into valuable products like caviar.

If you’re wondering what fish makes caviar in stardew valley, the answer is: sturgeon. Sturgeon can be caught from rivers during summer and winter seasons. Once you have your sturgeon, the next step is to process it into caviar.

The first thing you need to do is place the sturgeon in a pond on your farm. You’ll also need to build a fish pond with roe (fish eggs) as bait. The sturgeon will eat roe over time until they can produce more for harvest.

Note that it takes some time before your sturgeons start producing roe. Be patient! They will eventually start laying their eggs after around six days of feeding them.

Once you have harvested enough roe, take it to a Preserves Jar or a Cask located inside any home building on your farm. Place the roe in either container and wait another few days before deciding which one to use:

A Preserves Jar will give you regular-quality Caviar after two days of waiting; however, using a Cask instead will result in higher-quality Iridium-quality caviar coming out after several weeks’ time has passed!

You can sell this prized product by visiting Pierre’s General Store or at any festival booth participating in Selling food items.

In conclusion, making caviar may not be easy; but once completed successfully through patience & hard work –you’ll find it to be extremely rewarding.

Step-by-step guide on how to turn Sturgeon roe into caviar

If you’re looking for a high-value product to sell in Stardew Valley, caviar is always an excellent option. But not all fish make quality caviar – which one to use? The answer is simple: the sturgeon.

The first step towards making caviar from sturgeon roe is selecting perfectly ripe eggs. You can easily identify them as they will be plump and firm with no signs of maturing black eyes or inferior coloration.

The next step involves preparing a brine solution by mixing together water and salt until it creates a 30% saltwater mixture. Then place your freshly harvested sturgeon eggs into the brine solution for up to ten minutes, depending on their size. Remove the eggs promptly when they have reached their desired salinity level clarified by taste testing.

Note that any over-salting results in too salty-tasting caviar whereas less salting taste like mild-flavored seawater

After removing the eggs from the brine solution, rinse them lightly under cold running water for approximately sixty seconds to remove excess saline flavoring. Drain well afterward using cheesecloth or paper towel covering bowls so as not to bruise these delicate pearls during this quick drying process.

You may then pack your pearls into small jars with secure lids adding oil coverage such as olive oil before refrigerating at temperature below 50 °F (10°C). Congrats! You now have fresh and flavorful artisanal-quality farm-raised Caviars!

So if you are playing Stardew Valley and want premium goods resultantly more revenue go right ahead collect those Sturgeons!

The tools and equipment needed for caviar production

Caviar is a luxurious food item that is produced from roe (eggs) of certain fish species. One such fish species that produces high-quality caviar in the Stardew Valley game is sturgeon.

Now, let’s discuss the essential tools and equipment required to produce caviar:

1. Fish Pond: A fish pond is necessary to breed sturgeons that will provide you with roes for making caviar.

2. Sturgeon or Roe: You can either buy some sturgeons from Willy’s shop or catch them using a fishing rod in the ponds, rivers, and lakes within Stardew Valley.

3. Crab Pots: Using crab pots can be a good alternative to fishing rods as they catch all kinds of fish along with crabs, lobsters, etc. , which can help boost your earnings.

“Using crab pots instead of fishing rods can save time and increase your profit margin. ”

4. Mayonnaise Machine: After collecting sufficient amounts of roe, use mayonnaise machines to convert 1-10 units into quality roes used typically only by farmers who are trying to get perfect rating over their products

In conclusion, producing caviar requires meticulous planning, dedication and investment in both resources like fishponds; tools like mayonnaise machine but more so it specially rooted on having an ample volume or steady supply of sturgeon eggs also known as Caviars particularly if targeting for standards set up on farming industry ratings.

Selling Caviar for Profit in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, one of the most profitable ways to earn money is by producing and selling caviar. However, not all fish can be turned into caviar.

What Fish Makes Caviar In Stardew Valley?

The Sturgeon is the only fish that players can use to make caviar in Stardew Valley. This means that if you want to start earning a lot of profits from selling this delicacy, your first priority should be finding and catching these elusive creatures.

Once you have acquired some Sturgeons, head over to your farm where you will need both a pond and a fish-pond to produce the caviar. Make sure that each pond has at least one Sturgeon inside before starting the breeding process.

Note: To get started with ponds, players need to complete the “Fish Tank Bundles” quest from the Community Center or purchase a Pond from Willy’s Fish Shop.

If done correctly, you’ll have plenty of Sturgeon Roe which can then be turned into valuable caviar once processed using a Preserves Jar. Each jar can hold up to 3 roes with an estimated value ranging between 500-700 gold per piece depending on various factors such as farming level and profession bonuses. In conclusion, producing and selling caviar in Stardew valley requires patience but it could be well worth it since they sell for hefty prices! Happy fishing!

The Best Places to Sell Caviar in the Game

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulator game that has taken over our screens and hearts. What makes it even more interesting is its diverse range of fish species, including those that can produce caviar. For players who have mastered the art of catching sturgeon, they know how prized their eggs are in the virtual world. But where should you sell your stash for maximum profit?

One of the most convenient places to sell these valuable items is at Pierre’s General Store. Here, you will find other farm equipment you need while also trading surplus supplies.

In addition, Joja Mart will pay handsomely for your caviar without any bargaining, making it an excellent choice for busy gamers focused on time management rather than haggling prices.

The third option available is travelling cart merchant- a new arrival each Friday and Sunday with goods from far and wide; you can exploit this by buying low-priced items from them while selling off food combinations like sashimi or quality-aged cheeses, inclusive of high-value Stardew Valley sweethearts such as caviar too!

It might take some effort, but building relationships with NPCs could be profitable when dealing in luxury commodities like caviar. Flattery may get you everywhere when convincing Pierre or Willy into offering better buyback rates or negotiating deals favourable enough to add lucrative trade opportunities regularly.
In conclusion, selling caviar in Stardew Valley is all about checking out different vendors’ offers till you strike a reasonable deal with satisfactory gains. So start fishing today to make quick money moves!

How to maximize your profit from selling caviar

To begin with, you need to determine the type and quality of caviar that you are planning to sell in Stardew Valley. In this game, caviar is made by placing a Sturgeon roe into a Preserves Jar.

The ideal fish for this purpose is Sturgeon since it yields high-quality caviar which can fetch higher prices. It is important to note that only one egg at a time can be placed in the preserves jar so make sure to collect as many eggs as possible before converting them into caviar.

In terms of pricing strategy, knowing the demand levels for your product is key. Always keep track of market trends and consumer behavior patterns in order to get ahead of competitors. Ensure you price items competitively, but also consider using promotions such as discounts or combos which may help incentivize buyers.

Marketing and branding should not be ignored when selling caviar in Stardew Valley – building up your brand identity through advertising campaigns has shown itself effective within the community as players often seek out particular brands they become familiar with over time.

To maintain consistent income streams ensure an ample supply chain; focus on farming sturgeon. Firstly, spend some money on upgrading your fishing rod and bait – ensuring efficient catch rates save both time and resources long term. Secondly, build additional Fish Ponds upon attaining level 9 Farming proficiency – these ponds house multiple wildfish reproducing alongside aquacultured populations guaranteeing access to an ongoing source of revenue from Caviar sales without needing new fish farms constantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What fish can you catch to make caviar in Stardew Valley?

The Sturgeon fish is the only fish that can be used to make caviar in Stardew Valley. It is a rare fish that can be found in the mountain lake during summer and winter, between 6am and 7pm. It requires a fishing skill level of 6 or higher to catch, and it takes a bit of patience to reel in.

Where can you find the fish that makes caviar in Stardew Valley?

The Sturgeon fish can be found in the mountain lake during summer and winter, between 6am and 7pm. It is a rare fish that requires a fishing skill level of 6 or higher to catch. The mountain lake is located in the northern part of Pelican Town, just north of the Wizard’s Tower. It is accessible via the bridge on the east side of town.

How do you process the fish into caviar in Stardew Valley?

Once you catch a Sturgeon fish, you can process it into caviar by placing it in a fish pond. The fish pond must be fully upgraded and have a population of at least 10 Sturgeon fish. After a few days, the fish will produce roe, which can then be turned into caviar using a preserver. Caviar sells for a high price and can be a great source of income in Stardew Valley.

What is the value of caviar in Stardew Valley?

Caviar is a valuable commodity in Stardew Valley, selling for 500g each. It is one of the most expensive items you can produce from your farm, and can be a great source of income. With a fully upgraded fish pond and a population of at least 10 Sturgeons, you can produce a significant amount of caviar each week.

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