Discover the Top Dishes to Try at Tsukiji Fish Market and Satisfy Your Taste Buds!

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Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is a food lover’s paradise. With over 400 vendors selling some of the freshest seafood in the world, it’s no surprise that Tsukiji has become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. But with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to eat. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top dishes to try at Tsukiji Fish Market, so you can satisfy your taste buds with confidence.

First on our list is sushi, and Tsukiji is famous for its sushi. Head to one of the renowned sushi restaurants in the inner market, such as Sushi Dai or Daiwa Sushi, for some of the freshest and most flavorful sushi rolls you’ll ever taste.

Next, try some grilled seafood skewers at one of Tsukiji’s many yakitori stalls. The seafood is grilled to perfection, giving it a delicious smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with a cold beer or sake.

If you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting, head to one of the best ramen shops in the market. The rich and flavorful broth will warm you up on a chilly day, and the noodles are the perfect texture.

But that’s not all. Tsukiji Fish Market is also known for its unusual delicacies, such as sea urchin, octopus, and even whale meat. These dishes may be out of your comfort zone, but they’re worth trying for a unique culinary experience.

Don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with some of Tsukiji’s traditional Japanese desserts, and wash it all down with a cold beer, sake, or green tea. And if you still have room for more, be sure to explore the outer market for even more delicious food and unique souvenirs.

Ready to discover the best dishes at Tsukiji Fish Market and satisfy your taste buds? Keep reading for more mouth-watering recommendations.

Indulge in Fresh and Flavorful Sushi Rolls at Tsukiji’s Renowned Sushi Restaurants

Tsukiji Fish Market is a food lover’s paradise, and sushi rolls are a must-try when visiting this vibrant market. With an abundance of fresh seafood, the sushi restaurants at Tsukiji serve up some of the best sushi rolls in the world.

Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or trying it for the first time, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds. From traditional nigiri to creative and colorful rolls, Tsukiji has it all.

Savor the Best of the Best at Sushi Dai

Sushi Dai is the most famous sushi restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market and is known for its long queues. However, the wait is worth it because their sushi is made with only the freshest and highest quality seafood. Be sure to try their signature dish, the omakase set, which features a selection of the chef’s choice sushi rolls.

Enjoy a Unique Dining Experience at Sushizanmai

Sushizanmai is another popular sushi restaurant in Tsukiji and is known for its unique conveyor belt system. Watch as the chefs prepare sushi rolls and place them on the conveyor belt, where you can grab your favorite dishes as they pass by. Be sure to try their famous negitoro roll, which is made with minced fatty tuna and green onion.

Taste Creative and Colorful Rolls at Sushi Bun

Sushi Bun is a hidden gem in Tsukiji Fish Market and is known for its creative and colorful sushi rolls. They use a variety of fresh ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, to create unique and delicious rolls. Be sure to try their signature dish, the rainbow roll, which is made with tuna, salmon, and avocado, and is topped with colorful tobiko.

  • Tsukiji Fish Market is a sushi lover’s paradise
  • Sushi Dai is the most famous sushi restaurant in Tsukiji
  • Sushizanmai has a unique conveyor belt system

Discover the mouth-watering flavors of Tsukiji’s sushi rolls and indulge in the freshest and most flavorful seafood. Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or just looking for a new culinary adventure, Tsukiji’s renowned sushi restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Sample the Best Grilled Seafood Skewers at Tsukiji’s Yakitori Stalls

If you’re looking for a savory snack to satisfy your appetite, you won’t go wrong with Tsukiji’s yakitori stalls. These street vendors are known for serving up some of the best grilled seafood skewers in the area, made with fresh ingredients and prepared right before your eyes.

There’s something about the sizzling aroma of the grill and the sight of skewered seafood that’s simply irresistible. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds.

Top Yakitori Stalls to Try

  • Kushiya Monogatari: Specializes in deep-fried skewers and other seafood dishes. A popular dish is their grilled scallops with garlic butter.
  • Haru: Known for their grilled squid and grilled prawns with miso sauce.
  • Miya: Offers grilled eel skewers and grilled squid with teriyaki sauce.

How to Order at Yakitori Stalls

Ordering at a yakitori stall is a straightforward process. Most vendors have a menu with pictures and prices displayed in front of their stall. Simply point to what you want and pay the vendor. You can either eat your skewers right then and there, or take them to go.

Yakitori Stalls Insider Tips

  • Arrive early to avoid long lines and get first pick of the day’s fresh catch.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things! Yakitori vendors often have unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Bring cash, as many vendors do not accept credit cards.

So next time you’re at Tsukiji Fish Market, make sure to stop by one of the many yakitori stalls and sample the best grilled seafood skewers in town. Your taste buds will thank you!

Get Your Fill of Ramen Noodles at the Market’s Best Ramen Shops

For any foodie, the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is a must-visit destination. While it’s famous for its fresh seafood, the market also boasts some of the best ramen shops in the city. These shops offer a variety of delicious, steaming bowls of ramen, made with fresh noodles and savory broth.

The market is home to several top-rated ramen shops, each with its own unique take on this classic Japanese dish. From rich and creamy tonkotsu ramen to spicy miso ramen, there’s something to suit every taste. Visitors can choose to enjoy their ramen at the shops themselves or take it to-go and enjoy it while exploring the market.


Ramen lovers cannot miss Ichigo Ichie, one of the most popular ramen shops in Tsukiji Fish Market. This shop is known for its rich and flavorful broth, made with premium ingredients like pork bones and fish. The noodles are thick and chewy, perfectly complementing the broth. Be prepared to wait in line, as this shop is always busy.


If you’re looking for a bowl of ramen that packs a spicy punch, head to Tsukiji Kagura Ramen. This shop is known for its fiery miso ramen, made with a spicy miso base and topped with tender chashu pork and green onions. The broth is thick and hearty, perfect for a chilly day.


Fuji Ramen is a hidden gem in Tsukiji Fish Market, located on a quieter street away from the crowds. This shop is known for its rich and creamy tonkotsu ramen, made with slow-cooked pork bones and topped with tender slices of pork belly. The broth is thick and flavorful, making it the perfect comfort food on a cold day.

Try Some Unusual Delicacies like Sea Urchin, Octopus, and Whale Meat

If you’re a foodie looking for a unique culinary experience, Tsukiji Market is the place to be. From fresh seafood to exotic meats, this market has something for everyone. One of the most exciting things about Tsukiji Market is the chance to try unusual delicacies that you may not find elsewhere.

If you’re feeling adventurous, here are some must-try items:

Sea Urchin (Uni)

Sea urchin, also known as uni, is a popular delicacy in Japan. The creamy texture and rich, briny flavor make it a favorite among seafood lovers. You can try it as sashimi or as a topping for sushi. Be sure to pair it with some sake for the ultimate Japanese culinary experience.

Octopus (Tako)

Octopus, or tako in Japanese, is another popular seafood item in Tsukiji Market. Grilled or boiled, it is a staple in many Japanese dishes. The texture is slightly chewy, and the taste is delicate and mild. For a unique octopus dish, try the takoyaki, a ball-shaped snack filled with small pieces of octopus, green onion, and tempura scraps.

Whale Meat (Kujira)

Whale meat, or kujira, is a controversial food item in Japan. While it is no longer a staple in Japanese cuisine, it is still available in some restaurants and markets, including Tsukiji Market. The taste is similar to beef, but with a slightly gamy flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try and see what you think.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Tsukiji’s Traditional Japanese Desserts

If you’re a dessert lover and planning to visit Japan, you can’t miss out on trying Tsukiji’s traditional Japanese desserts. Tsukiji, located in Tokyo, is one of the most famous fish markets in the world, but it’s also a great place to indulge in some delicious sweets. From traditional mochi and wagashi to modern twists on classic Japanese desserts, Tsukiji has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

One of the best places to try these desserts is Tsukiji Sushidokoro Kitamura, located right inside the market. They serve a variety of traditional Japanese sweets like dango, which are sweet rice dumplings on skewers, and anmitsu, a dessert consisting of agar jelly, fruits, sweet beans, and syrup. They also offer a matcha parfait, which is a modern take on the classic Japanese tea ceremony.


Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert made from glutinous rice flour. It can be filled with various sweet ingredients like red bean paste, strawberries, and ice cream. At Tsukiji, you can find mochi in many different flavors like matcha, sesame, and strawberry. One of the best places to try mochi in Tsukiji is the famous Tsukiji Yoshino Aoki store, which has been around since 1805.


Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake made from waffle batter and filled with sweet red bean paste. It’s a popular street food in Japan and can be found in many places in Tsukiji. One of the best places to try Taiyaki is at Kurikoan, which has been serving this sweet treat for over 90 years. They offer various fillings like chocolate, custard, and sweet potato.


Yokan is a jelly-like dessert made from agar, sugar, and sweet beans. It’s a popular dessert in Japan, especially during the summer months. You can find various flavors of Yokan in Tsukiji, like green tea, chestnut, and black sesame. One of the best places to try Yokan is the shop called Funabashiya, which has been in business for over 200 years.

Wash Down Your Meal with Sake, Japanese Beer, or Green Tea

Japanese cuisine is not only about the food but also the beverages that complement the dishes. From sake to Japanese beer and green tea, there are many choices to quench your thirst while enjoying your meal.

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It is available in a variety of flavors and can be served warm or cold. The rice wine pairs well with many dishes and can enhance the flavors of the food.

Sake Pairings

  • Sushi and sashimi
  • Tempura
  • Grilled meats and vegetables

Japanese beer is another popular beverage that complements Japanese cuisine. The light and crisp taste of Japanese beer makes it a refreshing choice to pair with many dishes.

Japanese Beer Pairings

  • Ramen and other noodle dishes
  • Yakitori and other grilled foods
  • Izakaya-style dishes

Green tea is a non-alcoholic option that is a staple in Japanese cuisine. The tea has a light and refreshing taste and is packed with health benefits. It is often served hot or cold and pairs well with many Japanese dishes.

Green Tea Pairings

  • Sushi and sashimi
  • Mochi and other Japanese sweets
  • Tempura and other fried foods

Whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, there is a wide variety of options to choose from when enjoying Japanese cuisine. Be sure to try different pairings to enhance your dining experience and fully enjoy the flavors of the food and drinks.

Explore the Outer Market for More Delicious Food and Unique Souvenirs

After strolling through the inner market and indulging in some traditional Japanese cuisine, head to the outer market for a different kind of experience. Here you’ll find a variety of food stalls, shops, and vendors selling everything from fresh produce to unique souvenirs.

One must-try food in the outer market is takoyaki, a popular Japanese street food consisting of small, round balls filled with diced octopus, tempura scraps, and green onions. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with warabimochi, a chewy dessert made from bracken starch and topped with sweet soy sauce and kinako powder.

Food Stalls

The outer market is home to a plethora of food stalls serving up a wide variety of dishes. Don’t miss the chance to try grilled scallops, a local delicacy, or freshly made tamagoyaki, a type of Japanese omelette. If you’re feeling adventurous, try fugu, a poisonous blowfish that can only be prepared by licensed chefs.


Browse through the many shops in the outer market for unique souvenirs and gifts to take home. You’ll find everything from traditional Japanese ceramics to handmade knives and antique chopsticks. For a more modern take on souvenirs, check out the shops selling J-pop merchandise and Japanese snacks.


Along with food and shops, the outer market also has various vendors selling fresh produce, seafood, and other goods. Pick up some freshly caught tuna to take home or sample some Japanese pickles from a local vendor. You can also find Japanese green tea and sake vendors, perfect for washing down all the delicious food you’ve eaten.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-try dishes at Tsukiji Fish Market?

If you’re looking to try some delicious seafood dishes, Tsukiji Fish Market is the perfect place to do so. Some of the most popular dishes include sushi, sashimi, grilled fish, and tempura. Don’t forget to try the uni (sea urchin), which is known for its creamy and rich taste.

Can I visit Tsukiji Fish Market without waking up early?

If you’re not an early bird, you can still visit the outer market that opens at 9 am. Although the inner market, where the auction and wholesale activities take place, is only open to visitors after 10 am, there’s still plenty to see and do in the outer market, where you can find a variety of food and souvenir shops.

Is it safe to eat raw fish at Tsukiji Fish Market?

Yes, it is safe to eat raw fish at Tsukiji Fish Market. The seafood is freshly caught and inspected for quality and safety. The market is known for its high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, so you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

What is the best time to visit Tsukiji Fish Market?

If you want to experience the famous tuna auction, you’ll need to wake up early and arrive at the market by 5 am. However, if you’re not interested in the auction, it’s best to visit after 9 am when the outer market is open and bustling with activity.

Can I buy souvenirs at Tsukiji Fish Market?

Yes, you can buy a variety of unique and interesting souvenirs at Tsukiji Fish Market. From traditional Japanese knives and ceramics to dried seafood and snacks, you’ll find something for everyone. Don’t forget to haggle with the vendors to get the best price!

Is it necessary to book a guided tour of Tsukiji Fish Market?

While it’s not necessary to book a guided tour of Tsukiji Fish Market, it can enhance your experience and help you navigate the busy market more easily. A guide can also provide valuable insight into the history and culture of the market, as well as recommend the best places to eat and shop.

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