How Long Does Fish Pie Mix Take To Cook? [Updated!]

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Most American households have at least one pie recipe tucked away in their cookbooks. The simplicity and versatility of pies make them a firm favourite for home cooks across the country. With fruit-studded pastries, creamy custards, and a vast variety of crusts, it’s easy to see why. However, while we all enjoy a slice of sweet treat every now and then, the act of baking can be incredibly stressful. From whipping up the required ingredients to ensuring that they are stored correctly, following a recipe exactly can be a challenge. For those who feel that they can’t tackle this task themselves, fear not – there are professionals out there who can make your baking experience as painless as possible! We’ve compiled a list of the top five most popular fish pie recipes so you can prepare them easily and without worry.

Poutine Fish Pie

This St. Père meal is usually served cold, hence the existence of the ‘fry’. The French Canadian dish consists of French fries, gravy, and fish – essentially, all the trimmings you’d find on a standard meat pie, served in a distinctive fashion. St. Père is known for its large dining halls, where families and large groups of friends can come together over large platters of food. This recipe provides a nod to that quintessential Canadiana experience – you can’t beat a big slice of warm fish pie served with a giant mound of creamy, golden mash and a side of pickles.

Pasta Fish Stew

The humble fish stew has been a popular option for home cooks for many years. Made with little more than fish, potatoes, and sometimes, vegetables, this humble dish has been a firm favourite for those looking to feed a crowd of mouths without breaking the bank. While you don’t need to prepare this recipe with expensive cuts of fish, it’s often ideal to use more expensive fish varieties such as salmon or swordfish, as they have a more distinctive taste which will enhance your stew’s overall flavour.

Soup Fish

The idea of fish soup is enough to make most people salivate. The notion of a fragrant blend of savoury broth, creamy texture, and a dash of tartness – what’s not to like? This recipe takes the classic route by using a fish stock cube, which you can find in most major supermarkets, to make your soup more authentic. As with all soups, this recipe’s success depends on your ability to blend flavours properly and for the broth to have a rich, mellow taste – not overly salty like most pre-prepared stock cubes! If you are an experienced cook, you can prepare this dish easily following a similar route to that of a beef stew, using different varieties of fish and perhaps adding some shellfish as well.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Fish Pie

Mac ‘n’ cheese is a widely popular choice for those looking for comfort food. The combination of flavours – natch – is pretty much unbeatable. This recipe takes the classic approach to fish pie, by using a creamy, cheesy sauce as the base for its morsel of fish. If you’re not a huge fan of anchovies, you can replace them with some finely chopped green vegetables, which will add a bit more texture to your pie. A handful of crushed tomatoes can also be added for a bit more flavour. This is one dish you’ll want to prepare in advance, as the chilling process will make the pastry easier to cut and the filling more at ease in your stomach when digested.

Deep Fried Fish

If you’re looking to add a bit more drama to your next dinner party, consider preparing a whole fish – or, at least, some of its parts – this way. It’s easy enough to prepare, and the results are absolutely stunning. Whether you choose to do this yourself, or have it done professionally, this option will certainly add a touch of class to your next dinner gathering. It’s also a fantastic option for those looking for an inexpensive way to add a bit more variety to their diet – what’s not to like? As the name suggests, this recipe entails deep frying the fish in hot oil, so make sure you use a good oil, such as peanut or vegetable! As with all fried foods, keep an eye on this during the cooking process, as they can become dry, crumble, or break down, resulting in an unappetizing and inedible fried mess.

How Long Does Fish Pie Mix Take To Cook?

The preparation time for each of these recipes varies, so you’ll need to allow enough time for the ingredients to marinate or rest before you begin the process. As with all home recipes, it’s always a good idea to prepare them in batches, so you can get some hands-on time with the oven while the rest of your dinner is cooking.

Once your fish pie is baked, you can decide how you want to serve it. Some people prefer to eat it hot out of the oven, while others prefer it cold. To this end, fish pie is usually served with oyster mushrooms, roasted peppers, and cornichons (pickles) – all of which compliment the dish nicely. If you’re preparing this dish cold, serve it in small portions, as larger ones tend to become messy when served in this way – unless, of course, you want to eat a big ol’ pie all by yourself!

Whether you choose to prepare these recipes yourself or have them done professionally, there’s no denying that fish pie is one of the best bargains in all of food prep – highly versatile, flavourful, and easy to make. While we await the arrival of summer, let’s not forget about the magic of a cold, crisp winter night and the comfort that comes with a big slice of pie!

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