How Long Does Fresh Fish Stay Good In Fridge? [Solved!]

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People have been stocking their freezers with seafood for years, but did you know that fresh fish can only stay good for a certain amount of time in the fridge?

The answer is simple. The lower the fridge’s temperature is, the better the quality of the raw seafood. According to Fishmonger Guillemot, owner of the Cornwall Fish Company, the best way for consumers to enjoy top-notch fresh fish is to use their fridges’ coldest setting. Because the catch of the day is usually served cold, the chances of it going bad are high. Freezing lowers the metabolic activity of the seafood, thus extending its shelf life. It is, therefore, crucial to keep seafood as fresh as possible by keeping its temperature as low as possible.

Shelf Life Chart For Fish

Based on their weight and the temperature they are stored at, fish can be classified into four general groups:

  • Ultra-fresh >85%
  • Fresh >70%
  • Pale, firm >35%
  • Stale >15%

As you can see, the best way to enjoy seafood is by purchasing the freshest fish available and keeping it refrigerated. When storing fish, it is a good idea to use ice packs to keep its water content low. This, in turn, limits the chance of the fish going bad. From experience, we know that the fresher the fish, the more volatile and prone it is to spoiling. This is especially noticeable when cooking oily fish. Even the texture can change. Just check out the difference between fresh prawns and frozen prawns!

Quality And Type Of Fish

There are many factors that affect the quality of fish, not least of which is the freshness. In addition to keeping the fish cold, you should look for signs of good quality, such as bright colours and healthy-looking fins. Watch out for fish with dull or damaged fins, as these are signs that they have either been poorly caught or are of low quality. As for the type of fish you should be focusing on, it’s always a good idea to purchase what’s available in your area. What’s available locally may not be readily available elsewhere. For example, certain types of fish are better suited to certain cooking techniques. Baked fish is another example of a dish that calls for a specific type of fish.

How Long Can I Store Frozen Fish?

You should know how long you can expect your frozen fish to stay good for, especially if you are planning on using it later in the week. This is best done by taking note of how long it takes for the seafood to change from fresh to spoiled, as this is when you know the fish has begun to deteriorate.

The general rule of thumb is 2-3 days for frozen fish, however, this can vary dramatically, depending on the type of fish and what freezing method you use. For best results, try to use a combination of both dry and wet ice to bring your seafood to its lowest temperature possible while still maintaining some shape.

Sustainable Seafood

There are many benefits to buying seafood that’s sustainable. First of all, you’re reducing your impact on the environment by choosing less waste-generating options. In addition, you’re doing your bit to support local businesses and those who work in the fishing industry. If you’re enjoying this article, why not consider purchasing sustainable seafood options? Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s healthier too! Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the human body and can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Plus, sustainable fish tends to be cheaper, as there’s less of a need to market it.

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