How Long Does It Take For Bony Fish To Digest? [Solved!]

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For most people, summer means long, hot days, impromptu barbecues with friends & family, and a desire to travel more. But what about those who spent the cold, dark winter months inside? The change in temperature and lack of activity may have taken its toll on your physique, and you’re now faced with a whole host of summertime ailments. Some are more glaring than others – dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sun damage are all pretty obvious – but many are less so, such as fish digestion. The body of a fish operates at a much higher temperature than that of your average human, which can make food less accessible to us.

The condition is known as warm-bloodedness, and it can cause many problems for the average human, not least of which is digestion. Digestion is the process through which nutrients are absorbed from the food we eat, and it requires a fairly high level of activity in order to occur. The lower the metabolic rate (MMR) of the individual, the slower the digestion process. What’s more, as we’ve established, the body of a fish operates at a much higher temperature than that of an average human. This presents a problem, as the body of a fish requires more time to digest food than that of an individual of a similar size and build. This is primarily down to two factors:

First off, fish must be physically prepared before cooking. This involves removing the head, which is the part of the animal responsible for chewing, and the fins, which are the appendages used for swimming or for aesthetic purposes. Next, fish must be cleaned, which can be quite time consuming if you’re doing it by hand. Finally, most fish are eaten whole, which requires a significant amount of time to chew through.

So, while most people are looking forward to spending more time outside and active days, those who spend a lot of time in the water may find themselves spending less time eating and more time preparing food. That being said, with a little homework and advance planning, you can prepare fish dishes that will make your friends and family say “wow” – especially if you’re using the right cooking methods.

The Importance Of Rest & Recovery

We’ve established that warm-bloodedness can hinder the digestion process. But, even if you’re not actively seeking to hinder it, the human body needs time to recover after workouts as well as during workouts. During recovery, the body is still working hard to restore all of the lost nutrients and maintain a healthy weight. While this happens, food should be avoided as it interferes with the absorption process. Most individuals don’t recognize this as part of the process and will eat during this time, which can cause them to gain weight or suffer from digestion problems.

In some instances, these problems can become so severe that they require surgical intervention. One of the first things that your surgeon will ask you to do is take a complete break from eating, as over-eating during this time can cause the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease to skyrocket. Make sure that you’re eating healthy fats as well as fruit and vegetables during this time and that you’re not bingeing. Your body needs the nutrients in order to function at its best and for you to have a good night’s sleep.

The Healing Powers Of Cold Weather

Some people are more prone to certain illnesses and discomforts in the warm summer months, such as heat exhaustion and sun damage. For those who live in a hot climate, it can be difficult to combat these issues without the use of some sort of heat stress reducer. However, in the wintertime, the temperatures can plunge, which makes the body of the fish much easier to deal with. Frostbite is another condition that is more common in the winter and can be quite painful. But, if you’re not active, you’re much less likely to suffer from these issues.

Frostbite is the freezing of extremities such as the hands and feet. It can be quite painful and, if left untreated, can cause further issues. One thing that your doctor will tell you to do if you experience frostbite is to stay indoors and warm as much as possible. Try to keep your hands inside the jackets or mittens that you wear during the winter months and make sure that your feet are always warm. When you recover from frostbite, it’s important to rest and allow your body to heal. This means avoiding strenuous activity and getting plenty of rest so that your body has enough time to repair itself before you’re thrown back into your usual routine.

When Is The Best Time To Eat?

As we’ve established, some people are more prone to certain ailments in the warm, summer months, which makes the best time to eat quite clearly during the winter months. The majority of fish are most commonly eaten fresh, so you’ll want to prepare and grill your fish as soon as possible after catching it. The reason for this is that the flesh of the fish will remain soft and tender (and thus more easily digestible) for a considerably longer period of time after being caught. This is why most people choose to eat fish on the day that they’re caught – if you’d like to prepare and eat it later on, it will become tough and dry, making it less appetizing.

How Do I Cook Fish?

The general rule is: the flesh of the fish will remain tender and tasty for a much longer period of time if cooked at a high temperature. High temperatures cause a rise in the metabolic rate of the fish, which in turn makes their flesh more accessible to our teeth. The only downside to this is that the higher the temperature, the quicker the animal’s flesh will break down, resulting in a more “fresh” (i.e. less “cooked”) taste. It’s always a case of finding the right balance between the two – too little heat and your fish will be over-cooked, too much heat and your fish will be undercooked. You’ll want to use your hands in order to test the doneness of your fish. It should feel soft when gently pressed against your lips. This is a sure sign that it is cooked just right and will result in everyone thinking that you’re a great cook.

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