How Long Does It Take To Pan Sear Fish? [Facts!]

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It’s that time of year again when you sit down to enjoy a cold beverage and some juicy sausages cooked in front of a roaring fire. Only this time, you don’t necessarily need to be in the countryside to indulge in your ode to all things red and rosy. These festive dishes can all be recreated at home with easy-to-follow recipes, making them ideal for last-minute food prep on the day of your feast.

The Delights Of A Country Christmas

To begin with, let’s consider the glorious abundance of fruit and veg that will soon be gracing our dinner tables. Yes, in addition to the usual suspects – pumpkin, sweet potato, and winter squash – Christmas will also see apples, pears, and plums join the fray. All of these fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, which, combined with the meaty delights, will help us to fight off those inevitable late-winter illnesses that often set in around now.

When It Comes To Barbeques, More Is More

In the spirit of the season, why not add an extra dash of spice to our meats? Ginger, cardamom, and cloves are all popular choices to make a base for your marinades and spice mixes, while cayenne pepper and paprika offer up splendid hues of vibrant colour. You might also like to consider trying a cocktail marinade for an extra zing! If you do decide to marinade your meats, make sure to allow sufficient time for the flavours to permeate the protein prior to serving.

The Rise Of The Big, Braised Blobs Of Esteem

While we’re on the subject of adding spice, why not intensify the flavour even more by using larger cuts of meat? These are the types of recipes that call for a chuck roast rather than a regular steak. The larger surface area offers up more opportunities for marinating, while the extra oomph in the braising liquid is what makes this method of cooking so satiating. The larger pieces of meat are also more manageable when it comes to serving, especially if you’re serving more than one person. And, if you plan to serve this dish hot, the larger pieces of meat will be significantly more flavourful than their smaller counterparts.

More Than Meets The Eye

Apart from our lust for all things red and festive, another prominent theme surrounding this time of year is the abundance of food that gets displayed on our dinner tables. Festive crepes, pizzas, and lasagnas are all likely candidates to be over-indulged in during the holidays, so instead of feeling guilty about consuming all of that yummy food, why not try to work some extra kilos into your diet? The amount of food available will undoubtedly create a caloric surplus, making it easier for you to pack on a bit of weight. If you find that you’re regularly putting on weight throughout the year, then the opportunity to shed a few pounds in the upcoming festive season may be the push that you need to get back on track. Packed with fruit, veg, and meat, there are plenty of options for anyone looking to increase their daily intake. From the simplest of meals to large gatherings, the food choices are endless. So don’t be surprised if, after all that feasting, you find that you don’t have any energy left for the festivities. Better to save that for later in the year when the party season has arrived.

So there you have it – the culinary delights that await us in the coming months. From a romantic dinner for two to a family get-together, these recipes will help you to delight in the spirit of the season.

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