How Long For Baby Betta Fish To Grow? [Facts!]

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Betta fish, also known as the Egyptian freshwater fish, are one of the smallest commercially available fish species. This small fish is generally anemic in nature, which means that their bodies do not contain enough blood cells. As a result, the smallest of these fish will often appear to be pale in color.

The good thing about betta fish is that they grow very fast, which means that they can be extremely rewarding for an owner who is invested in their growth. One of the main reasons why betta fish are so popular is because they are easy to care for and inexpensive to buy. Most stores that sell fish will give you an idea of how long it takes for a betta fish to grow to its full size. Below, we will discuss the general growth cycle of these fascinating little fish so that you can better understand what to expect from your investment.

The Overall Growth Cycle Of A Betta Fish

When it comes to the average growth cycle of a betta fish, the first thing you will need to do is establish when they will start to grow. This can be easily determined by taking them into account their size at the time of purchase. Below, we have compiled a general rule of thumb for how long it takes for a betta fish to reach its adult size.

When To Start Keeping A Betta Fish

As mentioned, the first thing you need to do when you get your new betta fish is to establish how long it will take for it to reach its adult size. To do this, all you need to do is measure the length of the fish at the time of purchase. As a general rule of thumb, one of the best indicators of how long it takes for a betta to mature is the size of the fish at the time of purchase. For example, a 1 inch fish will grow to about 2 inches after one month, 3 inches after two months, and so on. When you know how long it takes for the fish to grow, you can begin to establish an idea of when they will be adult enough to be released into the wild. Below, we will discuss the general implications that you need to keep in mind when determining when to release your pet fish.

The Importance Of Raising Temperament

Another vital factor to consider when keeping betta fish is their temperament. As we learned in the previous section, the growth rate of a betta fish is directly proportional to its size. However, this growth rate can be influenced by many factors. The strongest of these factors is the temperament of the pet fish. In general, aggressive temperaments grow at a faster rate than quiet ones, so you should aim to purchase a pet that is as docile as possible. This will make an enormous difference in the growth rate of your pet fish.

When To Release A Betta Fish

Once you have determined that your pet fish is big enough, the next step is to decide when you will release it into the wild. The general rule of thumb is to wait until they have reached its adult size. However, if you are finding that your pet fish is reaching its large size very quickly, then you might want to consider giving it a few more weeks or months in the tank.

The Importance Of Diet In Fish Growth

The last factor that we will discuss here is the importance of diet in fish growth. Just like with birds and other animals, the type of food that your pet fish consumes can have a significant impact on their growth rate. When selecting food for your pet fish, you should always go for a natural food that is high in protein. Some excellent choices that you can get directly from the sea are lobster, shrimp, and crab. Freshwater creatures such as crayfish, tilapia, and catfish are also very suitable options. It is also a good idea to give them some vegetables and fruits on a regular basis to keep their healthy enough for the wild.

Now that you are equipped with the basics of caring for and growing a betta fish, you can begin to form a better idea of what to expect from this interesting little animal. For more information on fish and how to take care of them, please visit the website of the American Fisheries Society. There, you will find a wealth of valuable information on the subject.

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