How Much Does A Fishing License Cost In Texas? Find Out Here!

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Are you an avid angler planning to fish in Texas? Before you can cast your line, you’ll need a fishing license. But how much does a fishing license cost in Texas?

Knowing the price before heading out to buy one will save you time and money. In this post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need about the cost of a fishing license in Texas.

Whether you’re a resident or a non-resident, there are different prices for each type of license based on age, duration, and location. The state offers various options to cater to everyone’s needs, so make sure you pick the correct one that suits your requirements.

“Fishing is not just an activity; it’s a way of life – and getting a fishing license is the first step to start living.” – Anonymous

Keep reading to find out which type of Texas fishing license fits your preferences and budget.

Types of Fishing Licenses in Texas

If you love fishing, the best way to enjoy it legally is by obtaining a fishing license. However, before applying for one, it’s important to know which type of fishing license suits your needs. In Texas, there are four main types of fishing licenses available:

Freshwater Fishing License

A freshwater fishing license allows you to fish in any lake or river located completely inside the borders of Texas. You need this license if you’re planning on catching popular game fish like bass, catfish, and sunfish. The cost of this license varies depending on age, residency, and length of validity.

“A resident freshwater fishing license costs $30 annually, while non-residents have to pay $58. A 1-day resident license can be purchased for $11, whereas a non-resident day pass will set you back $16.”

Saltwater Fishing License

If you’re looking to catch saltwater species like redfish, flounder, and snapper, then you’ll need a saltwater fishing license. This type of license covers all bodies of saltwater in Texas including bays, offshore waters, and jetties. If you plan on targeting both freshwater and saltwater species, you may want to consider an All-Water license instead.

“The cost of a resident Saltwater Fishing License in Texas is $35, while non-residents would have to pay $63. The price of the 1-day license is $17 for residents and $21 for non-residents.”

All-Water Fishing License

The All-Water fishing license combines both the freshwater and saltwater licenses into one convenient package. With this license, you can fish from either freshwater or saltwater in Texas. If you’re planning a trip to the coast, this might be the best option for you.

“The cost of a resident All-Water Fishing License is $40 while non-residents have to pay $68. A 1-day pass goes for $16 and $21 for residents and non-residents, respectively.”

Lifetime Fishing License

If fishing is a big part of your life, then purchasing a Lifetime Fishing License might make sense. These licenses are valid until the end of your lifetime and eliminate any worries about license renewal fees ever again.

“A Lifetime Resident Fishing License costs $1000. There’s also an infant version (age 0-2) which goes for only $25.”

It should be noted that prices are subject to change so it’s always advisable to check with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department before making a purchase. It’s important to remember that the funds raised from the sale of these licenses go towards funding conservation efforts and improving fishing opportunities for everyone in Texas.

If you plan on engaging in recreational fishing activities within the state of Texas, obtaining a fishing license will not only keep you legal but help support those beautiful waterways that provide hours of enjoyment for Texans everywhere. Make sure to choose the type of license that fits your needs, and don’t forget to frequently check the hunting and fishing regulations annually as they can vary quite drastically.

Resident Fishing License Fees

Annual License – $30

Are you a resident of Texas and planning to go fishing? Then obtaining an annual fishing license is a must-have. The cost of an annual fishing license for residents in Texas is just $30, which is valid from the date of purchase until August 31st of the following year. This fee is inclusive of all administrative charges.

Senior Annual License – $12

If you’re over the age of 65, you can enjoy the same benefits as regular annual license holders at a discounted price. Senior citizens are eligible to apply for an annual fishing license that costs only $12. All other conditions and terms remain unchanged for senior licenses, including expiration dates.

One-Day License – $11

If you are not a frequent fisherman or just want to try it out once before committing to buying an annual license, you can opt for the one-day license, priced at only $11 per day. Bear in mind that this license only allows you to fish for freshwater species and expires at midnight on its issue date. Also note that anyone who purchases a one-day license will have their payment automatically applied towards the purchase of an annual license if they choose to buy one within the next twelve months.

Fishing is the favorite pastime of many Texans, but in order to ensure sustainability while preserving fish populations, proper licensing and regulation is necessary. Especially because penalties for illegal fishing without appropriate licensing can be steep, with fines ranging from $25 to $5000 depending on the severity of the offense and number of violations incurred.

Please also remember that non-residents pay more for licences than residents. It’s $58 for a non-resident fishing licence that lasts for one calendar year vs $30 which is considerably cheaper for Texas residents to fish all year. So if you are from out of state or just visiting, make sure that you check the fees before fishing in public waters.

“Fishing simulates so many senses: hearing the water rapids and waves slapping the shore, seeing the sun reflect off the surface of the water… It provides such a healthy and restorative experience.” – Dave Sweet

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is responsible for regulating and enforcing fishing laws within the state’s boundaries. TPWD ensures the sustainability of fisheries, manages aquatic habitats, researches recreational and commercial fishing techniques, and focuses on conserving native species through various initiatives. The department additionally promotes environmental education by working with communities and schools across the state, reinforcing our commitment to natural resources conservation.

Obtaining an annual fishing license is vital for anyone who wants to enjoy a day out fishing around Texas while following state regulations. Make sure to get your resident annual license for just $30, senior citizens can opt for the discounted price of $12 annually and finally non-residents paying $58 for one calendar year permits must also follow licensing rules and regulations

Non-Resident Fishing License Fees

If you are planning to fish in Texas and you are not a resident, you will have to purchase a non-resident fishing license. The prices for these licenses vary depending on the duration of your stay.

Annual License – $58

The annual non-resident fishing license is perfect if you plan to visit Texas multiple times throughout the year. This license costs $58 and allows you to fish in freshwater or saltwater without restrictions for 12 consecutive months from the date of purchase.

It’s important to note that individuals who possess an Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH) may also have access to public fishing areas and State Parks without having to pay additional fees.

To purchase this license, you can go online to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department website, visit a local sporting goods store or other licensed agents, or call TPWD at (800) 895-4248.

One-Day License – $16

If you are only planning to fish for one day, then a one-day non-resident fishing license would be the best option for you. This license costs $16 and allows you to fish in both freshwater and saltwater for that one day.

A one-day license typically goes on sale around 4 AM Central Time on the same day as the planned fishing trip. These licenses can be purchased using either the TPWD online licensing system, a licensed agent, or by calling TPWD at (800) 895-4248. It’s worth noting that one-day licenses cannot be purchased more than ten days in advance of the planned fishing trip.

In addition to purchasing your fishing license, it’s essential to understand the regulations regarding the type and size of fish you can catch. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has established fishing limits and regulations to protect the fish population in its waters.

For example, there are specific length limits for various species of fish, such as channel catfish, spotted seatrout, red drum, and flounder. There may also be bag limits, which specify the maximum number of a particular species that an angler is allowed to keep per day. These limits help ensure sustainability by preventing overfishing.

“Fishing demands considerable knowledge and skill; therefore the act of taking fish requires commitment and responsibility.” -Thomas F. Waters

If you plan to fish in Texas and are not a resident, you will need to purchase a non-resident fishing license. The annual license costs $58, while a one-day license costs $16. It’s crucial to make sure that you follow all fishing regulations set forth by the TPWD to help preserve Texas’ natural resources for years to come. Remember, responsible fishing practices can lead to better results and longer-lasting memories.”

Senior Citizen Fishing License Fees

If you are a senior citizen looking to fish in Texas, the state offers two options for licenses: the Senior Annual License and the Senior Lifetime License.

Senior Annual License – $12

The Senior Annual License is available to any Texan resident who is 65 years of age or older. This license costs just $12, which is significantly less expensive than most other types of fishing licenses. With this license, seniors can fish in all public waters in the state of Texas, including lakes, rivers, and streams. It also allows them to catch up to five trout per day. If they want to catch more than five trout per day, they will need to purchase a separate trout stamp for an additional fee of $7.

Please note that the Senior Annual License does not cover the cost of certain special permits, such as those required for fishing in saltwater, freshwater trotlines, and commercial oyster boats. Seniors will need to purchase these permits separately, if necessary.

Senior Lifetime License – $22

The Senior Lifetime License is another option for seniors in Texas who enjoy fishing. This license costs just $22 and is available to anyone who is 65 or older and has been a Texas resident for at least one year prior to their application. The great thing about this option is that it provides seniors with lifetime access to Texas’ public waters for fishing and hunting purposes. Additionally, it waives the requirement for all future fishing and hunting licenses and associated fees. In other words, purchasing this license could be a wise investment for longtime residents who plan to keep fishing throughout their golden years and beyond.

Free Super Combo License for 60% Disabled Veterans

In addition to its offerings for senior citizens, Texas also provides a free fishing license for 60% disabled veterans. This is called the Super Combo License, which allows them to hunt and fish in Texas without paying any fees. According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, “The super combo includes all state hunting and fishing licenses and endorsement packages.” Therefore, it covers everything from basic freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing or trapping, as well as game hunting.

“As Texans, we recognize the enormous sacrifices our brave military men and women have made for our freedom,” said Gov. Greg Abbott in reference to this program. “By making access to hunting and fishing practically effortless, we can show our appreciation to those who deserve it most.”

To qualify for the Free Super Combo License, veterans must provide proof of their service-connected disability rating of 60% or more from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). They simply need to complete an application form available on the TPWD website and include their VA documentation with the form.

If you are a senior citizen or disabled veteran residing in Texas and enjoy fishing, you now know how easy and affordable it is to get started! Whether you opt for the Senior Annual License or the Senior Lifetime License, or qualify for the Free Super Combo License under specific circumstances, taking advantage of these options could save you significant money while providing you lifelong outdoor recreation opportunities.

Fishing License Purchase Locations

Are you planning to go fishing in Texas? You will need a valid fishing license to cast your line and reel in some fish. The state of Texas offers various options for purchasing a fishing license, including online, at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offices, and retail locations with TPWD contracts.


One of the most convenient ways to purchase a fishing license is online. You can visit the official website of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and use their secure online system to purchase your fishing license from the comfort of your home. You can pay by credit card or electronic check, and print out your license immediately after completing the transaction. This option saves time and eliminates the need for mailing documents.

“The convenience of being able to buy a fishing license online 24/7 really saves our customers valuable time.” – Mike Rayburn, TDLR executive director

If you are not comfortable making online purchases, you can also call Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Customer Service Center at (512) 389-4800 and talk to an operator that will help guide you through the process of buying a fishing license over the phone.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Offices

Another way to purchase a fishing license is to visit one of many Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) offices located around the state. TPWD’s licensed sales office staff can assist you in locating nearby fishing opportunities so you can make informed decisions about where to fish and what type of fish to expect. They can also provide additional information regarding bag limits, size requirements, and other regulations that may impact your playing trip. Before visiting the office, make sure to check hours of operation as they vary throughout the year.

Make sure you take all necessary documents when visiting a TPWD office. Texas residents should bring a valid driver’s license or birth certificate, and non-residents need their passport along with other required documents to confirm residency status.

Retail Locations with TPWD Contracts

Finally, if you don’t want to purchase a fishing license online or visit one of the TDPW offices around the state, there are retail locations that offer fishing license sales as well. Many retailers like Academy Sports + Outdoors, Walmart, HEB stores, Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures, Bass Pro Shops, and more have contracts with Texas Parks And Wildlife Department allowing anglers to buy hunting and fishing licenses and get all the information necessary for keeping up with laws surrounding those activities while purchasing tackle or other essential items at the same time.

“By offering fishing licenses in stores throughout our state, we make it easier for anyone who is passionate about fishing.” – Rodney Franklin, Walmart’s senior director of outdoor recreation merchandise.

Before heading out to one of these retail locations, check to see if they sell fishing licenses and what form of payment they accept, so you can be sure your transaction will go smoothly.

There are several ways to purchase a fishing license in Texas. Whether you prefer buying online or shopping in person, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department makes it easy for everyone to purchase a license and enjoy fishing the Lone Star State’s beautiful waters.

Additional Fishing Regulations and Requirements

Catch and release regulations

Texas has a variety of catch and release regulations that depend on the species of fish being caught. It is important to familiarize yourself with these regulations before heading out onto the water. For example, largemouth bass in public freshwater have a daily bag limit of five fish per day, but only one may be 21 inches or longer.

Additionally, if you plan on catching and releasing fish, it is important to handle them properly to increase their chances of survival. Some general tips include using barbless hooks, not removing the fish from the water longer than necessary, and avoiding damaging any vital organs when handling the fish.

Size and possession limits

It is important to understand the size and possession limits for each species of fish, as they can vary depending on location and season. In Texas, these limits are set by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Some examples of size and possession limits include:

  • Largemouth Bass: Daily bag limit of five fish per day, with only one spotted bass included in the total bag limit. Minimum length limit is 14 inches, and maximum length limit is 24 inches.
  • Redfish: Daily bag limit of three fish per day in most bays and estuaries, with a minimum length of 20 inches and a maximum length of 28 inches.
  • Blue Catfish: Daily bag limit of 15 fish per day, with no minimum length limit and a maximum length limit of 45 inches.

If you are found in violation of the size or possession limits, you could face stiff fines and even jail time. It is very important to know and follow these regulations.

Required fishing gear and equipment

In addition to having a valid fishing license, there are certain pieces of equipment that are required for fishing in Texas. These include:

  • A fishing rod and reel
  • Angling line
  • Hooks, sinkers, bobbers, artificial lures, live bait or other tackle suitable for catching fish in the water you intend to fish
  • Weighing and measuring devices designed to measure your catch accurately

It is important to note that not all types of fishing gear are allowed in every body of water in Texas. For example, juglines and trotlines cannot be used in freshwater north of Interstate 10, except for certain lakes and reservoirs.

Fishing season and location restrictions

The fishing season and locations where fishing is permitted can vary depending on the species of fish being targeted. In Texas, these regulations are set by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and can change from year to year. It is important to check with the department before heading out to ensure you are fishing legally and safely.

Additionally, some areas may have specific regulations that differ from the rest of the state. For example, the possession limit for trout on the Guadalupe River under Canyon Dam is five fish per day and no more than one over 18 inches.

“When people show up at my store asking about what kind of fishing gear they need, I always make sure to let them know about the different requirements in Texas. Many people who are new to fishing don’t realize how much regulation there really is.” – Fishing Store Owner

It’s important to do your research and follow the rules and regulations in order to have a successful and enjoyable fishing experience in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a resident fishing license in Texas?

The cost of a resident fishing license in Texas is $30. The license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and allows the holder to fish in all public waters in the state.

How much does a non-resident fishing license cost in Texas?

A non-resident fishing license in Texas costs $58 for a year. An additional $5 fee applies to purchase it online. The license allows the holder to fish in all public waters in the state.

What is the cost of a senior citizen fishing license in Texas?

A senior citizen fishing license in Texas costs $12. The license is available to residents 65 years of age or older and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How much does a one-day fishing license cost in Texas?

A one-day fishing license in Texas costs $11. The license allows the holder to fish in all public waters in the state for one day only.

What is the cost of a lifetime fishing license in Texas?

A lifetime fishing license in Texas costs $1,800 for a person between 1 and 49 years of age, $1,400 for a senior citizen between 50 and 64 years of age, and $1,000 for a child under 1 year of age. The license allows the holder to fish in all public waters in the state for life.

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