How To Get Fish Bow Genshin? You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!

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If you’re playing Genshin Impact, then you know how important it is to have a good weapon. One of the best weapons in the game is Fish Bow, as it has a high base attack and great stats for characters who specialize in bows. And the good news is that getting Fish Bow in Genshin Impact isn’t as difficult as you might think.

To get Fish Bow in Genshin Impact, you first need to acquire its blueprint by purchasing it from Mingxing Jewelry in Liyue Harbor. The blueprint costs around 4,000 Mora, which can easily be obtained by completing daily quests or farming monsters and selling their loot.

Once you have the blueprint, you will need to gather the necessary materials to craft Fish Bow. These materials include Northlander Bow Billet, Crystal Chunk, White Iron Chunk, and Fatui Insignia. You can find these materials throughout the game world, but they may take some time to farm depending on your level and progress in the game.

So there you have it – with just a few simple steps, you can get Fish Bow in Genshin Impact. Make sure to keep an eye out for the materials you need and try to complete daily quests whenever possible to accumulate enough Mora to purchase the blueprint. Happy hunting!

Understanding Fish Bow in Genshin Impact

If you’re an avid player of Genshin Impact, then you must have encountered the popular Fish Bow weapon. It is a beautiful harpoon that is commonly used by the resident fishermen in the game world of Teyvat. The Fish Bow is a bow-type weapon that deals physical damage and has a peculiar passive known as the “Wave Breaker”.

So How To Get Fish Bow Genshin? If you want to obtain this weapon, your best bet is through wishes. As with most gacha games out there, weapons are mostly obtained through random pulls in the game’s wishing system. You can use Primogems or Fates to make these wishes.

But why is the Fish Bow so important for players?

What is Fish Bow and why is it important?

The Fish Bow is significant because of its unique ability to reduce the stamina consumption when swimming by 20%. This means that players heavily invested in exploration can traverse vast bodies of water without worrying too much about their stamina reserves.

This becomes especially useful when players need to explore certain islands or areas which are only accessible via water. Not to mention, it also saves time and spares players from countless drownings due to depleted stamina bars.

“The Fish Bow completely changed how I played the game,” said Emily, an ardent fan of Genshin Impact.”I could finally travel great distances across the water without worrying about running out of stamina and drowning.”

In addition to its Wave Breaker effect, which increases normal attack damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Cryo elemental statuses, the Fish Bow remains one of the go-to options for players looking for reliable exploration tools in Teyvat. Though it may not offer the same amount of raw power as other weapons, its utility in water-based activities cannot be overstated.

In conclusion, the Fish Bow is an essential tool for Genshin Impact players who love exploring Teyvat. With its unique passive and a useful Wave Breaker effect, this weapon should not be overlooked by any player seeking to improve their gameplay experience. So now you know How To Get Fish Bow Genshin, go ahead and try your luck in getting this amazing weapon!

Finding Fish Bow Through Quests

Do you want to know how to get Fish Bow in Genshin Impact? One option is to obtain it through quests. These tasks can offer rewards like weapons, artifacts, and other items that can be useful for your adventure.

To find out how to access these quests, navigate to the Adventurer Handbook by opening the menu and selecting “Handbook”. Once there, select the Quest tab to see available missions to complete. Some of them may reward you with a Fish Bow upon completion.

Note that some quests are time-limited, so try to complete them before they expire if possible. You can also keep track of completed and ongoing quests from the same tab on the Adventurer Handbook.

How to Obtain Fish Bow Through Quests in Genshin Impact

If you’re wondering what exactly you need to do to get Fish Bow in Genshin Impact through questing, the answer is simple: complete certain missions. To start off, you should focus on completing story quests, which will begin once you reach Adventure Rank 12. Once you have completed a few story quests, side quests will become available.

A good example of a quest that offers Fish Bow as a reward is The Chi of Guyun. This mission becomes available after you reach Adventure Rank 24 and requires you to investigate an ancient ruin in Liyue. Completing this task will reward you with Fish Bow alongside several other valuable items.

Carefully reading the quest descriptions will help you determine which tasks have the Fish Bow weapon as a potential reward. However, note that some quests’ rewards rotate based on the player’s level and luck, so they might not appear for everyone at all times.

Which Quests Offer Fish Bow as a Reward?

In addition to The Chi of Guyun challenge we’ve mentioned earlier, there are several other quests that offer Fish Bow Weapon as a potential reward. These include:

  • Troublesome Work questline, unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 30, which requires you to gather wood from lumberyards in Mondstadt.
  • The Yaksha’s Wish tale, meant for players Rank 35 and above, where you’ll need to complete sets of tasks related to Zhongli’s past and lore.
  • And the newest Genshin Impact update, version 2.1 “Floating World Under the Moonlight”, brings us Sangonomiya Kokomi: a new five-star character who comes with an exclusive weapon quest available at her launch event.
“Completing these quests is not only about obtaining weapons, but also discovering more integral parts of Teyvat’s story.”

Overall, completing quests can be one of the best ways to acquire Fish Bow in Genshin Impact. Not only will this save you time and effort compared to grinding for the weapon directly, but it offers an opportunity to learn more about the world of Teyvat. As long as you keep your Adventurer Handbook up-to-date, you will stay informed on when new quests become available. Good luck!

Obtaining Fish Bow Through Gacha

Genshin Impact has plenty of weapons to choose from, including the versatile bow. Among them, Fish Bow is a fan favorite for its high critical damage and attack speed. However, getting it can be challenging if you rely solely on loot drops from monsters or chests. That’s where Gacha comes in.

Gacha is a mechanism that allows players to use Primogems or Intertwined Fate to roll a randomized reward pool. Essentially, you pay a fee with these items, and the game gives you something randomly chosen from a specific list. In Genshin Impact, this includes characters, weapons, artifacts, and other valuable items.

The process may seem like gambling since there are no guarantees that you will get what you want, but it’s essential to remember that gacha rewards are entirely random, so don’t fall into the trap of wasting your resources chasing after one item alone. Instead, have a strategy and stick to it.

What are the chances of getting Fish Bow through Gacha?

It’s important to note that all weapons in Gacha share similar drop rates. Based on information gathered from various sources, using Intertwined Fates, which is exclusively used for weapons, will give you about a 0.7% chance per roll to obtain a five-star weapon, such as Fish Bow. The odds are slightly better when you happen to trigger a “Pity” mechanic: every ten rolls without a five-star guarantee at least one. Once you hit the safety net effect, you’re guaranteed to receive the mentioned types of items, making probability calculations more favorable than they seem initially. But again, keep in mind that each roll is independent, making outcomes purely luck-based.

“I’ve played Genshin Impact for months and tried getting a Fish Bow to no avail. But while using my last Intertwined Fate, I finally got it! That sense of relief is indescribable.” – Amy J., avid Genshin player.

In conclusion, obtaining Fish Bow through Gacha requires patience, persistence, an understanding of odds and drop rates, and discipline when it comes to managing your Primogems and Fates. The game offers plenty of ways to earn these resources as you progress, so use them wisely and don’t forget that ultimately, this is just a game meant to be enjoyed.

Trading for Fish Bow

If you’re a long-time player of Genshin Impact, you probably know by now how important it is to have the right weapons and characters in your team. And one weapon that players are constantly on the lookout for is none other than the Fish Bow.

This powerful bow can deal heavy damage with its unique ability to shoot up to five consecutive arrows at once. But the real catch? It’s only available through trading.

So, if you’re wondering how to get Fish Bow Genshin, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll share everything you need to know about trading for this coveted weapon.

Where Can You Trade For Fish Bow in Genshin Impact?

If you want to trade for Fish Bow, you’ll need to head over to Liyue Harbor. In particular, make your way to Second Life Store located just below Wangshu Inn.

Once there, look for Xingxi who runs the store. This NPC sells all kinds of goods, including food items, materials, and weapons like the Fish Bow. Keep in mind that trading with her is not cheap – she requires specific items as payment, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

One thing to note is that Xingxi’s inventory changes every few days. So, make sure to check back regularly if you can’t find what you’re looking for the first time around.

What Items Do You Need To Trade For Fish Bow?

Xingxi accepts three different types of items as payment for Fish Bow:

  • Fish: As you might expect from the name of the weapon, fish are required to trade for Fish Bow. More specifically, you’ll need to have 20 x Golden Crab or 40 x Crystalline Shrimp in your inventory. These fish can be found around Liyue and Mondstadt.
  • Luminescent Spine: This item drops from the Geo Hypostasis boss enemy. You’ll need five of these spines to trade for Fish Bow.
  • Ancient Carvings: The last item Xingxi accepts is Ancient Carving which can be found as a drop after defeating Ruin Hunters, Mitachurls or Samchurls. 10 Ancient Carvings are required per trade.

Keep in mind that the prices may seem steep, but considering how powerful Fish Bow is in combat, it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal.

“I traded my crystals and other rare items just to get Fish Bow, and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s helped me take down some tough bosses!” – John, Genshin Impact player

In conclusion, trading for Fish Bow may require some effort on your part, but the payoff is well worth it. By having this weapon at your disposal, you’ll be able to tackle even the toughest challenges within the game with ease.

Enhancing Fish Bow for Better Performance

If you’re an avid Genshin Impact fan, you must have heard about the powerful weapon ‘Fish Bow’. This excellent bow features tremendous power and accuracy, making it a viable option to take down even the toughest enemies in the game. However, as every other virtual weapon out there, Fish Bow requires enhancing to perform at its best.

Fish Bow is designed from three materials: Northlander Bow Prototype, Crystal Chunk, and White Iron Chunk. While acquiring these components can be tricky, if not impossible, it’s up to us to give you some tips on how to enhance fishbow without much hassle.

What materials are needed to enhance Fish Bow?

  • Northlander Bow Prototype: You can acquire this material by weekly fight against Dvalin or Childe using your resin.
  • Crystal Chunk: A rare mineral primarily found in Mt.Aozang region. Farming crystal chunk is the most time-consuming part of enhancing Fish Bow since respawning cycle takes around 72 hours.
  • White Iron Chunk: Can be obtained throughout teyvat. You can get this item simply by hitting outcrops scattered all over the map.

Most players find themselves struggling with farming materials required to enhance Fish Bow to their preferred level. As such, we recommend locating good spots for farming scattered resources across the board.

How does enhancing Fish Bow affect its performance in Genshin Impact?

“I was blown away by Fish Bow’s strength when coupled with adequate enhancements. My accuracy increased significantly, which gave me confidence during battles where I’d usually struggle.” – Johnny Brown

Enhancing Fish Bow undoubtedly improves its precision and accuracy. The bow’s base ATK value will also increase with each upgrade, making it easier to take down enemies that were once a significant challenge.

Moreover, upgrading Fish Bow increases the chances of triggering its elemental attack – Frozen Aim. This increased frequency means you can deal additional damage while facing off tougher bosses like the Childe.

If you are struggling to get the materials for enhancing your Fish Bow or having difficulties unlocking this secret weapon, we suggest joining one of Genshin Impact’s many online gaming communities where you can find helpful tips and advice on every aspect of the game — the journey is always more enjoyable when shared with fellow travelers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fish Bow in Genshin Impact and why is it important?

Fish Bow is a weapon in Genshin Impact that is a bow. It is important because it has a passive ability that increases the damage dealt to enemies affected by Hydro or Electro by 20%. This makes it a great weapon for characters who specialize in these elements, such as Fischl, Tartaglia, or Mona. Additionally, it has a high base attack stat and can be refined up to 5 times, making it a powerful weapon overall.

Where can I find Fish Bow in Genshin Impact?

Fish Bow can be obtained through the Wish system in Genshin Impact. It is part of the Epitome Invocation banner, which features exclusive weapons such as the Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, and more. The banner has a 0.7% chance of dropping a 5-star weapon, and Fish Bow is one of the possible options. It can also be obtained through events or special promotions, so keep an eye out for those as well.

What are the requirements to obtain Fish Bow in Genshin Impact?

To obtain Fish Bow in Genshin Impact, you will need to have enough Primogems or Fates to make wishes on the Epitome Invocation banner. The banner has a 0.7% chance of dropping a 5-star weapon, and Fish Bow is one of the possible options. You can obtain Primogems by completing quests, opening chests, or purchasing them with real money. Fates can also be obtained through gameplay or purchased with Primogems.

What is the best method to obtain Fish Bow in Genshin Impact?

The best method to obtain Fish Bow in Genshin Impact is to save up enough Primogems or Fates to make wishes on the Epitome Invocation banner. This banner has a 0.7% chance of dropping a 5-star weapon, and Fish Bow is one of the possible options. It is important to note that there is no guaranteed way to obtain Fish Bow, so it may take multiple attempts before you are able to get it. You can also participate in events or promotions that offer Fish Bow as a reward.

Can Fish Bow be obtained through crafting in Genshin Impact?

No, Fish Bow cannot be obtained through crafting in Genshin Impact. It is a weapon that can only be obtained through the Wish system or events/promotions that offer it as a reward. This makes it a rare and highly sought-after weapon, especially for players who specialize in Hydro or Electro characters.

Is there a guaranteed way to obtain Fish Bow in Genshin Impact?

No, there is no guaranteed way to obtain Fish Bow in Genshin Impact. It is a rare weapon that can only be obtained through the Wish system or events/promotions that offer it as a reward. The Wish system has a 0.7% chance of dropping a 5-star weapon, and Fish Bow is one of the possible options. It may take multiple attempts before you are able to get it, so it is important to save up enough Primogems or Fates before making wishes.

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