How To Get The Fishing Rod In Pokemon Black?

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Are you a Pokemon Black player wondering how to get your hands on the fishing rod? In order to catch certain water-dwelling species, you’ll need this tool in your inventory. Luckily, obtaining it is relatively straightforward.

Firstly, head over to Driftveil City and make your way towards its eastern exit. You should reach a bridge that leads southwards—to progress through the game’s main story arc, continue this way until you’re out of the city limits. However, if you’d like to claim the fishing rod instead, keep an eye out for a fisherman located by the water beneath said bridge.

“I love angling! It brings me closer to my beloved Pokémon than anything else!” – Fisherman in Pokemon Black

This gentleman will gift you with exactly what you seek as long as he has no use for it at that point in time. He uses his other spare rods very frequently so there is always a chance someone might be using one when first arriving here even though others have been successful before. So come back later if necessary after doing some running around or battling elsewhere!

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Visit Driftveil City

If you’re looking to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, then one of your key locations to visit is undoubtedly Driftveil City. Located in southeastern Unova, it’s a harbor city with plenty of activities for players.

To obtain the fishing rod, head over to the second floor of the Pokémon Center within this city and interact with or talk to the Fisherman NPC located there. The fisherman will gift you a basic Old Rod, which allows you to catch water-type pokemons.

The Importance Of Fishing In Pokemon Games:

Fishing has proved quite useful throughout the series as whether it’s for completing Pokedex entries or having an alternative mode of battle when sturdy land-based creatures present themselves during gameplay; using any type of fishing gear has played its role quite well.

The Old Rod may not be very effective if used further into the game but do upgrades become eventually available including newer rods such as Good Rods and Super Rods that allow catching more powerful Water types. in other areas

In conclusion, obtaining a fishing rod can come in handy during various situations while playing Pokemon Black. So don’t forget to visit Driftevil City in-game, grab yourself an old-rod from their PokéCenter and explore new possibilities across numerous world maps around canon cities Shalour and Laverre!

Head to the Pokemon Center and speak to the Fisherman near the counter.

If you’re wondering how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, then this is your lucky day! Getting a fishing rod in Pokemon Black is relatively easy as long as you know where to go. You can’t progress through the game without it!

The first step is heading over to any of the Pokemon Centers in Unova. Once there, look for a fisherman NPC standing next to the center’s counter. Talk to him, and he’ll give you an old rod that allows you to catch basic water-type Pokemons like Magikarp and Feebas.

Be aware; this old fashioned rod has limited use before it breaks down, so don’t expect too much out of it! You must upgrade your tackle eventually if you hope to land some rare species from deeper waters. Keep reading below on how typically anglers obtain newer equipment frequently:

Upgrade your fishing gear by catching one of each type of Magikarp which evolves into Gyarados after reaching level 20 naturally or using rare candies. By doing this, head off towards Route 16 Northwest (not far from Nimbasa city) until you come across a new location at Lostlorn Forest. Talk to someone selling items inside a shack who will exchange every caught evolved specimen with Exp points per given levels. Certain ones will also barter essential tools such as Super Rods required for capturing fantastic breeds appearing only later in-game.

With these steps completed successfully, players should now have everything they need to improve their skills and enjoy successful catches throughout their gameplay experience within online battles against friendlies worldwide!

He will give you the Old Rod, which allows you to catch basic water-type Pokemon.

If you want to get your hands on the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black, you need to head over to Driftveil City. You can find this city by going west from Nimbasa City.

Once you reach Driftveil City, go all the way to the right and enter a small building with a sign outside that reads “Driftveil Tackle”. Inside, speak to the man behind the counter and he’ll ask if you’re interested in fishing. Say yes and he’ll handover an Old Rod that is necessary for catching Pokemon like Magikarp or Goldeen which are basic water-type Pokemon.

The Old Rod isn’t as powerful compared to other rods like Good rod or Super rod but it is enough for starting out. With time and some effort invested into training your newly-acquired Pokemon species, they will eventually evolve and become more powerful against different types of opponents throughout your journey across ways of Unova region

“The key thing to keep in mind when using an Old Road is to be patient, ” says Fisherman Joe who lives near Giant Chasm. “You never know what kind of rare Pokémon could appear suddenly!”

To sum up, getting your hands on a fishing rod in Pokemon Black is pretty simple! Just make sure that when visiting Driftveil City, take a stop at ‘Driftveil Tackle’ shop and grab yourself an Old Road from its owner.

Upgrade To The Good Rod

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Black, one must-have item is undoubtedly the fishing rod. It’s impossible to complete your Pokedex without obtaining this useful tool first! This guide will explain how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black and also upgrade it to the coveted Good Rod.

The easiest way to obtain the Basic Fishing Rod is at Flocessy Town. Go to Route 20 and enter Floccesy Ranch. Once inside, talk to the man standing on the left side of the ranch house; he’ll give you the Basic Fishing Rod as a gift.

To upgrade your basic fishing rod into a better one (Good Rod), go to Driftveil City. There, visit the building next to Move Tutor Home – located near an open pool of water – which has a fisherman residing there waiting for players who want an upgrade. Speak with him, answer “YES” when asked if you are under 13 years old since that’s what he expects from young trainers asking for his special service.

“You seem like you might be under 13 years old! I can teach you everything about fishing! Would you like me to help?”

He will then proceed through some dialogs before upgrading your Basic Fishing Rod into a Good Fishing Rod!

Congratulations! Now that you have successfully upgraded your fishing rode, use it wisely throughout your journey in Unova region and explore new areas where only aquatic Pokemons exist.

After obtaining the Basic Badge, visit the house on Route 16 and speak to the Fisherman inside.

If you’re trying to catch all of the available Pokemon in Pokemon Black, then getting your hands on a fishing rod is essential. The first step to acquiring a fishing rod is to obtain the Basic Badge from Striaton City’s Gym.

Once you have received your badge, head over towards Route 16 and enter the home located at this site. Upon entering, approach and talk with the Fisherman inside who will offer you an Old Rod Fishing Pole, which enables players to reel in water-type Pokemon from any body of water within the vicinity.

To use your new Old Rod Fishing Pole effectively while catching as many unique Pokemon species as possible, it’s always advisable that you explore various bodies of water whenever feasible. Keep in mind that certain areas might contain more rare fish varieties than others! So try experimenting by testing different spots where even greater opportunities for exciting matchups can be found!


The key aspect when using an Old Rod is patience; it typically takes several casts before reeling in most aquatic creatures.

Overall if you want to know how to get The Fishing Rod In Pokemon Black? You must receive Striation City’s Gym basic badge firstly and move forward towards route 16 fishermen house and acquire old rod instead of buying via Pokemart shop later upgrading during gameplay after completing storyline objectives!

He will give you the Good Rod, which allows you to catch stronger water-type Pokemon.

If you’re an avid player of Pokemon Black and are wondering how to get the Fishing Rod in the game, there’s good news! The process is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is locate a specific character who can give it to you free of charge.

The person you should be looking for is found on Route 16. As soon as you enter this area, start walking towards the right-hand side of your screen until you find a gate that leads into some small shrubs. Navigate through those shrubs using Cut or another cutting tool, and follow the path all the way around until it opens up again.

There should now be a house at your feet – walk inside and speak to the man seated by its center table. He’ll hand over one of two fishing rods; either the “Old Rod” or “Good Rod, ” depending on what else you’ve already accomplished in-game.

It’s important to note that different rods allow access to more advanced types of fish, with the later-game options far more powerful than their earlier equivalents.

In other words, if it’s within your power to obtain every available rod before continuing forward, we highly recommend doing so!

To make use of said Fishing Rods after obtaining them properley in Pokomen black, you simply need to equip them as tools out-of-combat from your inventory menu-giving yourself easier long term pokemon resource collection opportunities whenever near bodies of clean water’


Upgrade To The Super Rod

If you’re wondering how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, it’s actually quite simple. You can obtain the Old Rod from a fisherman outside of Striaton City and upgrade it twice to eventually receive the powerful Super Rod.

To upgrade your Old Rod, you need to speak with certain NPCs throughout the game who will trade rods with you. One of these characters is located in Driftveil City’s market; she’ll give you her Good Rod if you show her that you have already caught 25 different types of Pokemon. Another helpful character is situated on Route 16 where he offers an even better upgraded version called the Super Rod for showing him that you’ve captured over forty-five Pokemon species.

It’s important to remember that each kind of rod has its own level limit when catching certain types of water-type Pokemons, so upgrading them is essential for increasing this capacity as well as obtaining rarer kinds and ensuring successful catches with every toss of your line!

Incorporating frequent trips to areas containing large bodies of water like coasts or lakes while also keeping track of capturing new kinds using the Pokedex are both critical steps towards getting yourself hooked up with one of these coveted high-level fishing tools! Get ready to reel ’em in like a pro as soon as possible!

After obtaining the Legend Badge, visit the house in the northern part of Route 18 and speak to the Fisherman inside.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, then this is your answer. To begin with, you need to obtain the Legend Badge by defeating the gym leader Drayden at Opelucid City. Once that’s done head over to Route 18 located north from there.

On Route 18, you will come across a few houses but look for one in particular right at the top. Upon entering the house in question, you will find a Fisherman standing nearby who’ll give you an Old Rod upon speaking with him which allows players to catch Magikarp or Luvdisc. Although it may not be convenient as such compared to other equipment sets available later on it is still essential if you want some fishing action early on!

It’s important to keep in mind however that Fishing can only be used near water areas like ponds or oceans so maybe check out Route 1 where there’a also lots of fish available when starting up!

This concludes our tutorial on How To Get The Fishing Rod In Pokemon Black?! Just remember use your new found skills wisely and always make sure your teams are ready before heading towards any big challenges ahead! Good luck trainers.

He will give you the Super Rod, which allows you to catch the strongest water-type Pokemon.

If you’re wondering how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, then look no further. The answer is that there are actually multiple types of fishing rods available for use throughout the game and each one can be obtained in different ways.

The basic Old Rod will be given to you by a Fisherman in either Striaton City or Driftveil City early on in the game. This rod allows you to fish up common low-level Water-type Pokemon such as Magikarp and Goldeen.

The Good Rod, an upgrade from the Old Rod, can only be obtained once you reach Route 16 and meet with a Collector who offers it to you as a reward for showing him your collection of TMs (Technical Machines).

To obtain the powerful Super Rod mentioned in our heading, players must first defeat all eight Gym Leaders around Unova Region and receive permission from Cedric Juniper at his lab in Nuvema Town before traveling over Twist Mountain west towards Icirrus City where their character meets Janine. After completing her series of tasks, she rewards them with this special item.

It’s important to note that while using any rod may increase your chances of finding certain types of aquatic creatures including rare ones like Clamperl or Milotic; catching legendary-water type Pokémon Kyogre requires still more specialized tools such as Dive balls which can only be purchased within Battle Subway fares
So now armed with your newly acquired Super-Rod, head out there onto every body of water in Unova but remember: not all bodies of water are created equally – some have higher spawn rates than others so location does matter.

Catching Rare Water-Type Pokemon

Water-type Pokemon are some of the most popular and powerful creatures in the game. However, they can be quite challenging to catch without knowing the right methods. Here are some tips on how you can increase your chances of catching rare water-type Pokemon:

1. Use a Fishing Rod: First things first, you need to get yourself a fishing rod if you don’t already have one. This item is essential for catching water-type Pokemon, as it allows you to fish in bodies of water. The good news is that getting the fishing rod in Pokemon Black is relatively easy!

“To get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, simply head over to Driftveil City and talk to the fisherman outside; he’ll give it to you. “

2. Choose Your Location Wisely: Different types of water contain different types of Pokemon, so choose where to fish wisely! If you’re looking for a specific type of water-type Pokemon (e. g. , Magikarp), make sure you’re fishing in an area where they are prevalent.

3. Master Your Technique: When using your fishing rod, it’s crucial to master your technique by learning when and how long to press A or B buttons while keeping an eye on movement patterns of ripples appearing on screen as well as vibrations from your controller.

4. Consider Using Lures or Berries: Finally, consider using lures or berries that will entice certain types of new species into taking bait.

In summary, it’s all about being strategic with your choice location and mastering correct technique when attempting catch those sought after rare Water-types Pokemons with that freshly acquired Fishing Rod besides exploring other probable approaches such as berried baits


Use the Super Rod to fish in special spots where rare water-type Pokemon are more likely to appear.

If you’re playing Pokemon Black, then obtaining the Fishing Rod is an important part of your journey. You’ll need it to catch certain types of Pokémon that can’t be found otherwise. But how do you get one?

To start with, you need to progress through the main storyline until you reach Driftveil City. Once there, head over to Clay’s gym and prepare for a battle against him as he needs convincing before he gives up his prized Fishing Rod that will surely help during your adventure.

The next step is finding a pond or any body of water available in game – cast your line into the water and wait patiently. Keep trying! Remember fishing holes filled with bubbles tend to indicate better chances for catching rarer species of ocean dwellers such as Tentacool, Goldeen or even Lapras. (It should be noted though – always check your Pokédex entries while making sure not letting go just yet- every pokemon come sin different sizes, so hold on if its enormous :D).

“The harder a Pokémon is to find usually makes them stronger. “

It’s also worth noting that there are some special areas throughout Unova region where using a “Super Rod” instead of regular one could yield more valuable results such as Shellder, Clauncher and Staryu which won’t appear anywhere else. While these Spots may take little longer than most other places but reward high amount experience upon successful capture; So always keep an eye out for those!

In conclusion, getting a Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black isn’t too difficult with all being said however taking note of what Pokémon are located where might save time when attempting to obtain specific species at particular locations on top quickly training them up for battle.

These spots include rippling water, bubbling water, and dark spots.

If you’re looking to catch some rare Pokémon in Pokemon Black, you’ll want to get your hands on a fishing rod. Unfortunately, the process of acquiring one can be a bit confusing for new players. Here’s what you need to do:

The first step is to progress through the game until you reach Castelia City. Once there, make your way to the docks near the Pokémon Center. Talk to the fisherman standing near the water. He will ask if you’d like him to teach you how to fish.

Agree to his request and he will provide you with an Old Rod. This basic fishing tool allows you to cast into any body of water found throughout Unova – including those mysterious bubbles that appear throughout various bodies of water as well as dark shadows and areas where the water appears turbulent or mottled.

To use your Old Rod (or upgraded versions acquired later), simply stand next to a body of water and select it from your bag inventory. Choose “use” and then aim at one of these special spots identified by their unique characteristics such as rippling water, bubbling sound effects or darker sections atop clearer translucent surfaces below which may signify something lurking beneath waiting for bait!

Note that different types of rods can access different pools of aquatic creatures; switch up what kind of gear is equipped when exploring new territories so as not miss out on anything truly noteworthy inhabiting local waters like certain swamp-loving evolutions only available via specific routes.

Trading For The Old Rod

If you’re wondering how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, trading for the old rod is one way to do it. First, you will need a friend who has another version of the game or access to online trading.

To trade for the old rod, you will have to offer something valuable in return. This could be a rare Pokemon, an item that’s hard to obtain, or simply something your friend needs for their gameplay.

Once you’ve agreed on what you’ll trade, make sure both players are connected and ready to initiate the exchange. You can then search for each other using Friend Codes or by being connected locally.

It’s important to remember that some trades may require negotiation or patience as both parties try to find something they’re willing to part with.

After completing the trade successfully, check your inventory for the old rod. With this upgrade in hand, head down to any body of water in-game and cast away! Fishing can yield many benefits such as catching new types of Pokemon or even discovering hidden items in underwater caves.

In conclusion, if you want to know how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, consider trading with friends or other players online for the old rod. Remember that trading usually requires giving up something valuable but can lead to exciting advancements in gameplay!

If you missed the Fisherman in Driftveil City, you can trade for an Old Rod with another player in the game.

Getting a fishing rod is essential to catch Pokemon living in water bodies. In Pokemon Black, players need a fishing rod to explore Unova’s aquatic life properly. The challenge occurs when gamers miss out on getting a fishing rod from Driftveil City’s Fisherman. If that happens, there is still hope!

An alternative method of obtaining an old rod is through trading with someone else who possesses it. Players can reach out and ask others if they would be interested in trading their extra Old Rod so they can obtain it too.

To increase your chances of finding someone willing to trade their spare Fishing Rods, join online communities where people discuss all things Pokemon Black and White 2. Posting a message requesting assistance may attract some friendly responses! Being patient and cordial in negotiations over what each person wants in exchange for their item also helps significantly.

A useful tip: keep engaging and interacting with other players by sharing rare items or offering Pokemon trades as this increases chance among members responding favorably towards requests; don’t forget gratitude goes a long way too!

In conclusion, always try to remember to grab anything needed while playing Pokemon Black because one mishap could lead to hours of searching! However, if something does go unnoticed initially, like missing out on the fishing rod early in the game- take heart knowing options exist – such as asking around – until success results.

Alternatively, you can find the Old Rod in the Castelia City Harbor by speaking to a Fisherman near the water.

If you’re looking for ways on how to get the fishing rod in Pokemon Black, then this is one of the easiest and earliest methods. The Old Rod may not be as powerful as other versions, but it’s still a valuable tool that allows you to catch fish Pokemon at early stages.

Castelia City itself has plenty of things to offer aside from getting yourself an old rod. You can explore and capture several new species here or challenge fellow trainers who are always roaming around different corners of the city.

To obtain your first-ever fishing gear – all you need to do is traverse towards Castelia Harbor where “Maximo, ” the skilled Fisherman awaits. He’ll hand over the prized possession once he perceives your expert judgment skill set regarding aquatic life forms.

Additionally, make sure that before you visit Maximo, you have enough space in your backpack so that when he hands out the Old Rod to you, it doesn’t end up filling any occupied space which otherwise would have been dedicated for significantly useful items.

In conclusion, there exist various scenarios through which one can attain the Fishing Rod within Pokémon Black without putting in much effort. By following these strategies combined with intelligent gameplay techniques – one could effortlessly ascend further layers in their expedition throughout Unova and expand their collection while simultaneously leveling-up essential stats required for taking down adversaries quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black?

The Fishing Rod is a tool that allows players to catch Pokemon that live in bodies of water. It is an essential item for trainers who want to add water-type Pokemon to their collection. In Pokemon Black, there are three types of Fishing Rods that players can obtain: the Old Rod, the Good Rod, and the Super Rod. Each rod allows players to catch different types of Pokemon depending on its strength.

Where can I find the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black?

The Old Rod can be obtained from a fisherman in the Pokemon Center located in the first town of the game, Striaton City. The Good Rod can be obtained from a fisherman in the house located north of Route 16’s Marvelous Bridge. The Super Rod can be obtained from a fisherman in the house located on Route 12. Players must defeat the Elite Four before they can obtain the Super Rod.

What are the requirements to obtain the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black?

The only requirement to obtain the Old Rod is to reach Striaton City in the game’s story. To obtain the Good Rod, players need to have at least four gym badges. To obtain the Super Rod, players must defeat the Elite Four and become the Pokemon League Champion. It’s important to note that players can only have one Fishing Rod at a time.

Can I purchase the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black?

No, players cannot purchase the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black. They must obtain it by speaking to fishermen in specific locations throughout the game.

What types of Pokemon can I catch with the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black?

Players can catch a variety of water-type Pokemon using the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black. The Old Rod allows players to catch common water-type Pokemon like Magikarp and Luvdisc. The Good Rod allows players to catch stronger water-type Pokemon like Poliwhirl and Basculin. The Super Rod allows players to catch rare water-type Pokemon like Gyarados and Sharpedo.

Are there any tips for using the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Black?

One tip for using the Fishing Rod is to use it in different areas to catch different types of Pokemon. For example, using the Fishing Rod in a river may yield different results than using it in the ocean. Another tip is to use the Fishing Rod during different times of day to catch different types of Pokemon. Finally, it’s important to be patient when using the Fishing Rod as it may take several attempts to catch the desired Pokemon.

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