How To Make A Fishing Spear In Minecraft? Catch More Fish Now!

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If you’re a Minecraft player who loves fishing, then making your own fishing spear can be an excellent way to catch more fish efficiently. Fishing in the game is not only fun but also an essential activity if you want to survive in some of the harsh conditions offered by the virtual world.

When playing Minecraft, players face different challenges that they need to overcome to get resources and materials for their survival. One of these obstacles could be inadequate tools. However, by building new equipment like a fishing spear, you can quickly gather additional supplies for cooking food or trading them with other players in multiplayer mode.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a fishing spear in Minecraft step-by-step. We will cover all the necessary materials you need, crafting recipes, and tips on how to use it effectively.

Before we dive into the process of making a fishing spear, let’s first discuss its benefits. Compared to using a fishing rod, a fishing spear offers several advantages when fishing in Minecraft. The spear has a higher range than a fishing rod; hence, it allows you to reach fish that might be farther away. With a broader hitbox compared to a regular sword, a fishing spear provides better chances of catching a fish once you strike it.

Are you excited to learn how to make a fishing spear in Minecraft? Keep reading to find out!

Materials Needed

Wooden Planks

In Minecraft, wooden planks are one of the most basic crafting items. They are made by placing wood blocks into the crafting grid and can be used for a variety of things.

  • To make a fishing spear, you will need at least six wooden planks.
  • You can obtain wooden planks by chopping down trees using an axe or your hand.
  • The type of wood doesn’t matter; any kind of log can be turned into wooden planks.


Sticks are another important material in Minecraft that is used extensively in crafting recipes. They can be obtained by breaking leaves or saplings from trees, but they are also crafted from wooden planks.

  • To craft sticks, you will need two wooden planks.
  • You can use sticks to make various tools, weapons, and even parts of armor.
  • You will need four sticks to make a fishing spear in Minecraft.


Flint is a rare resource in Minecraft that can be used as a substitute for iron in certain crafting recipes. Flint is obtained by breaking gravel blocks, which can be found near bodies of water or in caves.

  • You will need one piece of flint to make a fishing spear in Minecraft.
  • Breaking gravel blocks with a shovel has a chance of dropping flint.
  • Flint is also used to create arrows and flint and steel (a tool used to start fires).

Crafting The Spear

One of the first things you will need to do when crafting a fishing spear in Minecraft is gather all necessary materials. You’ll need three wooden sticks and one flint. These items can be collected by using your hands or tools, such as an axe, shovel, or pickaxe.

Once you have all the required components, it’s time to start creating your fishing spear. Begin by placing two of the wooden sticks vertically, one on top of the other, in the middle column of the crafting grid. Leave the bottom row empty. This creates the handle of the spear that you will hold onto while fishing.

The final piece of the handle requires taking your last wooden stick and placing it horizontally across the middle row of the crafting grid. Once this item is created, you should have successfully crafted the handle for your Minecraft fishing spear!

Add The Spearhead

The second part of creating your Minecraft fishing spear involves adding the spearhead. First, place the flint in the center box of the grid, located at coordinates (1, 1). Then, place the completed handle in between coordinates (0, 2) and (2, 2), leaving the bottom row of the grid free for space.

The final step is simple: combine these two parts by dragging the newly-created spearhead down into the open inventory slot at the bottom of the crafting table. When finished, you should see the new fishing spear appear in the output slot of the crafting interface!

This fishing spear can now be used to catch fish in rivers, lakes, oceans, and any other body of water found within Minecraft. Happy fishing!

Using The Fishing Spear

Select The Fishing Spear

Once you have made your fishing spear in Minecraft, the first step is to select it from your inventory. You can do this by pressing the corresponding number key or scrolling through until you find it.

It is important to note that different types of fishing spears have various levels of durability and damage, so choose one according to your requirements.

For instance, a diamond fishing spear has a higher durability than an iron one and deals more damage to fish.

Aim At The Fish

After selecting your preferred fishing spear, approach the water’s edge and keep an eye out for fish swimming nearby. To make sure you hit the target correctly, position yourself at the right distance from the water and the fish.

You must aim the fishing spear directly at the fish, which can be challenging since they move quickly in the water. Practice makes perfect in this case, so take your time, observe the fish’s movements carefully, and try not to spook them.

Remember that different fish require different aiming techniques for successful catches; therefore, study each type’s behavior before casting your fishing spear.

Cast The Spear

When you have aimed correctly, pull back on the mouse button or press the attack button, depending on your controller settings, to cast your fishing spear. The spear will travel towards the fish’s location, so be sure to release the button at the appropriate moment.

If you miss your target completely, the fishing spear will land somewhere else and float to the surface, where you can retrieve it later. However, if you hit the fish, it will be impaled on the fishing spear, and you can pick both up together.

Be aware that fishing spears have limited uses before they break, so make sure you have enough in your inventory for a decent fishing session.

Tips For Successful Fishing

Choose The Right Body Of Water

If you want to catch fish, it’s important to choose the right body of water. Look for a location where the water is clear and there is plenty of vegetation that supports small aquatic life forms, which attract larger fish. Additionally, check for any fishing regulations in your area before you head out.

In Minecraft, finding the perfect spot requires exploring different bodies of water. Rivers, lakes, and oceans are all great options to try out. However, be aware that some biomes won’t spawn certain types of fish.

To ensure maximum success, consider crafting a boat so you can reach your desired location comfortably.

Be Patient

Fishing requires patience. It may take hours or even days to catch a single fish. So, once you have chosen your spot, don’t get frustrated if you don’t see immediate results. Just wait and keep trying. In fact, sometimes being idle or doing other tasks while waiting for a bite makes the process go faster.

In Minecraft, players can cast their lines and leave them unattended as long as they’re within range of the bobber. This is especially useful when making a fishing farm.

Remember, don’t quit too soon – persistence pays off!

Use A Fishing Rod As Well

A fishing spear can be handy, but using a fishing rod will increase your chances of catching something. Fishing rods can cast further than spears and allow more control over the line. Furthermore, they’ve got enchantments that make capturing valuable loot such as books and enchanted gear much easier.

The good news is that obtaining a fishing rod in Minecraft isn’t difficult. Players can craft one with three sticks and two strings.

Ultimately, combining a fishing spear with a fishing rod can help you set up an effective and efficient fishing system that will yield great results over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do I need to make a fishing spear in Minecraft?

To make a fishing spear in Minecraft, you will need three sticks and two string. You can obtain sticks by chopping down trees, and string can be obtained by killing spiders or breaking cobwebs with shears. Once you have the required materials, you can craft them into a fishing spear.

How do I craft a fishing spear in Minecraft?

To craft a fishing spear in Minecraft, place three sticks vertically in the middle column and two strings horizontally in the top and bottom rows. The result will be a fishing spear that you can use to catch fish in water bodies.

Where can I find the necessary resources to make a fishing spear in Minecraft?

You can find the necessary resources to make a fishing spear in Minecraft by exploring your surroundings. Look for trees to obtain sticks and spiders or cobwebs to get string. You can also trade with villagers who offer these items in exchange for emeralds.

Can I enchant my fishing spear in Minecraft?

Yes, you can enchant your fishing spear in Minecraft. You can use an enchantment table or anvil to add enchantments such as Lure, Luck of the Sea, or Unbreaking to your fishing spear. These enchantments will increase your chances of catching fish and improve your fishing experience.

What are some tips for using a fishing spear in Minecraft effectively?

To use a fishing spear effectively in Minecraft, make sure to aim at the fish and use the right-click button to throw the spear. You can also move closer to the fish to increase your chances of catching it. Additionally, using the Lure enchantment will attract fish to your spear, and the Luck of the Sea enchantment will increase your chances of catching rare items.

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