What Fish To Eat In Lisbon? Find Out The Best Seafood Delicacies!

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If you ever find yourself in Lisbon, the seafood lover’s paradise, get ready to indulge in some of the best oceanic treats. With a coastline stretching over 1, 794 kilometers and rich fishing heritage, it’s no wonder that Portugal is known for its amazing seafood gastronomy.

However, with so many options on offer in terms of what fish to eat in Lisbon – from octopus and sardines to sea bass and codfish – it can be challenging to decide which one to try first. Here are some recommendations:

“There is nothing better than fresh grilled sardines. They have this salty and sweet taste that makes them unique. ” – Chef José Avillez

Sprinkled with coarse salt drizzled with olive oil served alongside roasted potatoes or salad; grilled sardines are undoubtedly one of the must-haves when exploring local cuisine. You’ll also want to try ‘Bacalhau, ‘ a traditional Portuguese dish made from dried, salted codfish boiled until tender then flaked into several preparations like Bacalhau à Brás (shredded bacalao mixed with eggs potato straws); or Bacalhau com Natas (a creamy casserole).

The vibrant city has countless restaurants serving top-quality seafood caught daily off the Atlantic coast. So why not challenge your palate during your visit to Lisbon? Whether it’s at an outdoor stall munching on street food or enjoying a multicourse tasting menu dining experience overlooking views of the Tagus River sunset; you’re sure to find something delightful for every taste bud imaginable.


When in Lisbon, seafood lovers must try Bacalhau. It is a Portuguese delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries. The dish traditionally consists of salted cod and can be prepared in many ways.

The fish was first brought to Portugal by Viking sailors during the 15th century as part of their trade routes through Northern Europe. Today, bacalhau remains an essential ingredient in Portuguese cuisine.

One popular way to enjoy Bacalhau in Lisbon is as “bacalhau à Brás”. This dish features shredded cod mixed with scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, onion, and garlic.

Fun fact: there are said to be over 365 different ways to prepare Bacalhau – one for every day of the year!

If you prefer something tangy and savory, give “Bacalhau com Natas” a try. This dish combines tender chunks of codfish cooked in a creamy sauce made from milk, cream, onion and grated cheese before being baked until bubbly golden brown.

Lisbon’s fishing ports are famous for fresh catches including octopus, mackerel and sea bass too! So if you’re looking for more than just bacalao on your plate then stop at any local restaurant or market stall where it’s all waiting for you.

Overall, cod is very versatile so whether fried or grilled pan-seared or slow-cooked in casseroles they offer plenty choices when it comes to food preparation- which makes them particularly desirable choice amongst experimental cooks trying out new recipes!

The Traditional Portuguese Dish That You Must Try!

What fish to eat in Lisbon? Look no further than the famous dish, Bacalhau com Natas. This creamy and flavorful baked casserole features salt cod as its star ingredient.

To make this dish, first soak dried salt cod for 24-48 hours, changing the water frequently to remove excess salt. Boil the cod until tender and flaky before layering it with sliced potatoes and a rich sauce made of garlic, onions, cream, and grated cheese.

“Bacalhau com Natas is truly an iconic dish in Portugal that’s bursting with flavor and texture, ” says Chef Luis Muñoz of Lisbon’s renowned seafood restaurant O Ramiro.

Baked to perfection, Bacalhau com Natas is best enjoyed family-style while sipping on local red wine or Vinho Verde – a crisp white wine native to northern Portugal.

In addition to being deliciously indulgent, Bacalhau com Natas also has historical significance in Portuguese cuisine. Salted cod was originally used as a way for sailors to preserve their catch during long journeys at sea. Today, it remains a staple ingredient in many traditional dishes throughout Portugal.

If you’re looking for an authentically Portuguese culinary experience during your visit to Lisbon, be sure to try Bacalhau com Natas. You won’t regret it!


Sardines are a must-eat fish when in Lisbon, Portugal. This delicious and healthy fish is a staple of Portuguese cuisine because they’re abundant and easy to catch from the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the best ways to enjoy sardines in Lisbon is freshly grilled on an outdoor barbecue. During the summer months, many small restaurants set up grills along the streets and serve hot, fresh sardines with lemon wedges and crusty bread.

If you prefer something less messy but just as flavorful, try traditional canned sardines preserved in olive oil or tomato sauce. You can find them at grocery stores or specialty shops all around town.

You could also indulge yourself by ordering petiscos (Portuguese tapas) featuring grilled or fried sardinhas served alongside olives, cheese, charcuterie meats, and other regional delicacies.

“The bright flavor of sardines pair perfectly with a dry white wine like vinho verde. ”
In conclusion, you should definitely include sardine dishes on your list if you want to explore Portuguese culture through food choices while visiting Lisbon because not only do these little fish pack in so much flavor into one bite but they’re also incredibly affordable – making it a win-win situation!

The Iconic Lisbon Fish That You Can Enjoy Grilled or Canned!

When it comes to seafood in Lisbon, there’s one fish that stands out above the rest – sardines! These small, oily fishes are beloved by locals and tourists alike and can be found on menus throughout the city.

The most popular way to enjoy sardines is grilled. They’re typically seasoned with just a bit of sea salt and lemon juice before being cooked over hot coals until they’re crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

If you’re not able to find fresh sardines during your trip to Lisbon, fear not – canned sardines are also a popular option. In fact, many shops throughout the city sell tins of sardines that make for great souvenirs or gifts.

“Sardines are more than just a food in Lisbon – they’re an important part of our culture and traditions. ”

Of course, there are other types of fish that you’ll want to try while in Lisbon as well. Bacalhau (salt cod) is another staple in Portuguese cuisine and can be found in dishes like bacalhau à Brás or pastéis de bacalhau (cod cakes).

No matter what type of fish you decide to try in Lisbon, be sure to pair it with some local wine and soak up the atmosphere at one of the city’s signature seafood restaurants. Bom apetite!


When visiting Lisbon, one of the most iconic dishes to try is grilled octopus. It’s a staple in Portuguese cuisine and can be found in many traditional restaurants around the city.

The best way to enjoy this delicacy is to have it grilled with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and parsley. The result is a tender and flavorful dish that melts in your mouth.

“The grilled octopus at O Tasco is amazing! Definitely a must-try when in Lisbon. “

If you’re feeling adventurous, another popular way to have it is as a salad topped with onions and green peppers. This version brings out the freshness of the seafood while still maintaining its unique flavor.

In addition to being delicious, octopus also offers some health benefits. It’s low in fat and high in protein, making it an excellent choice for those watching their weight or looking to build muscle.

Overall, if you’re wondering what fish to eat in Lisbon, make sure to add grilled octopus to your list. Your taste buds will thank you!

Savor The Tender And Juicy Meat Of Octopus Cooked In Different Styles!

When it comes to finding the best fish to eat in Lisbon, one cannot miss trying out octopus. It is a common delicacy and widely available in most of the restaurants across the city.

The beauty of this dish lies in its versatility as it can be cooked using different techniques and styles. One popular way of cooking octopus is by grilling it with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and parsley. This simple yet tasty preparation allows the natural flavors of the octopus to stand out while being accompanied by subtle herbs that enhances its taste further.

Another delicious method is slow-cooking or stewing chunks of octopus meat with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. This hearty dish gives you a taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine while fully savoring all the tender and juicy goodness of the sea creature.

“Octopuses are highly nutritious with high protein and low-fat content. “

If you prefer something more unique, try having your octopus roasted on an open flame which adds smokiness and complexity to its already flavorful taste. Or if you want something fancy, order pasta or rice dishes infused with fresh cuts of succulent octopus meat seasoned with rich spices.

In conclusion, when dining in Lisbon make sure not to miss out on indulging in a platefuls of perfectly prepared exquisite octopus recipes! As they say; “when in Rome, do as Romans do”, so why not apply similar principles here too?

Sea Bass

Looking for the best fish to eat in Lisbon? Look no further than the delicious sea bass! This popular white fish is a staple of Portuguese seafood cuisine, and can be found on menus throughout the city. One great place to try sea bass in Lisbon is at Cervejaria Ramiro. This historic restaurant has been serving up amazing seafood dishes since 1956, and their grilled sea bass is a must-try. It’s served simply with olive oil and lemon, letting the delicate flavors of the fish shine through. Another great option for sea bass in Lisbon is at Restaurante O Palácio. Here you’ll find fresh sea bass cooked to perfection with garlic, coriander, and other local spices. The dish comes with sides of sautéed vegetables and crispy potatoes – perfect for soaking up all that delicious sauce! If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience, head to Belcanto – one of Lisbon’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Here chef José Avillez serves up an incredible take on traditional Portuguese cuisine, including his signature dish: “Mare Tosta” which features perfectly cooked sea bass paired with black rice and squid ink. So what are you waiting for? Whether you prefer your sea bass simple or fancy, there’s sure to be a dish in Lisbon that will satisfy your cravings. Give this tasty fish a try during your next visit to Portugal’s capital city!
“The key to cooking great seafood is using only the freshest ingredients. ”

Seriously though – when it comes to enjoying seafood like fantastic sea bass options in Lisbon it really does pay off demand freshness!

When properly prepared by professional chefs proudly displaying Portugals rich culinary heritage—that won’t embrace shortcuts or lesser selection opportunities upon preparing each dish’ creation from scratch—a diner will understand the true beauty of this fish.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a culinary adventure of mesmerizing flavors with fresh seafood in Lisbon today!

Indulge Yourself In The Rich Flavors Of This Delicious Fish!

Lisbon is a coastal city blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood and fish. If you are visiting Lisbon, then it’s a must to try the local seafood dishes that consist of different types of fishes.

One famous fish dish in Lisbon that stands out for being deliciously unique is “Bacalhau, ” also known as dried and salted codfish. Bacalhau has long been a staple food in Portugal because fishermen could preserve their catch onboard ships by drying and salting them.

Bacalhau can be cooked in various ways like grilled, fried, boiled or baked, but one particular recipe that people love is called Bacalhau à Bras which combines shredded codfish with onions, garlic, scrambled eggs and crispy potatoes- all mixed together nicely.

“The first thing to do when planning a trip to Lisbon is deciding where to eat this delicious fish”

If you crave more variety apart from Codfish, we suggest trying other locally caught sustainable options like Sea Bream (Dourada) Grilled with Garlic Butter on Top served with Potatoes; Black Scabbardfish (Espadarte), which inhabits deep waters off Madeira Island whose texture is similar to swordfish; and Sardinhas assadas na brasa (Grilled sardines)- garnished simply with Lemon Juice & Rock Salt.

You can easily find these delicacies at many typical Portuguese restaurants throughout the city center which offer authentic dining experiences alongside an excellent choice of wines, beer or spirits.


If you’re looking for seafood to eat in Lisbon, clams should be on the top of your list. Commonly known as amêijoas in Portugal, they are a popular dish and widely available at restaurants throughout the city.

The most famous preparation method is Clams Bulhão Pato – a simple recipe with olive oil, garlic, coriander, lemon juice, and white wine that highlights the natural flavors of the clams. It’s usually served as an appetizer accompanied by bread or fries.

Another well-known way to cook clams is Cataplana de Amêijoas – a traditional dish prepared in a copper pot called “cataplana. ” In this stew-like mixture, clams are cooked together with onions, tomatoes, peppers, chorizo sausage (or ham), and various spices such as paprika and bay leaves. This hearty dish can serve up to four people.

“I tried Clams Bulhão Pato when I visited Lisbon last year. The broth was so flavorful that I ended up ordering more bread just to soak it all up!”

For adventurous foodies willing to try something different than classic recipes: Razor clam salad served raw with lime juice and salt is surprisingly refreshing despite its unusual look; Donax trunculus (known locally as Lingueirão) grilled over open flames will satisfy your need for smoke flavor; Arroz de lingueirão – rice cooked with razor clams is another fulfilling meal.

Overall, if you want to experience authentic Portuguese cuisine while exploring what fish to eat in Lisbon – don’t miss out on trying fresh delicious clams!

Enjoy The Freshness Of These Succulent Shellfish Prepared In Various Ways!

Lisbon is known for its amazing seafood, and shellfish is a true delicacy. When in Lisbon, try these tasty shellfish dishes to get the full experience of Portuguese cuisine.

The first dish you have to try is the classic “Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato. ” This dish consists of juicy clams cooked with white wine, garlic, coriander, and olive oil, giving them an unforgettable flavor.

An equally delicious dish is “Lagostim com Molho de Alho” which features fresh prawns smothered in garlic sauce. It’s simple yet incredibly flavorful and is great as a starter or part of your main course.

For something more adventurous you can order “Percebes, ” goose barnacles harvested from rocky coasts along Portugal’s shores. They’re usually served steamed or boiled but require patience and skill to eat properly.

“Espetada de Camarão e Lula” – skewered shrimp and squid- it’s another must-try that offers a variety of flavors combined on one stick!

If you are looking for light food with outstanding taste then go for grilled sardines. One of those traditional treasures that was once referred to by poet Fernando Pessoa as “the soul-food of our city. ” Served simply with bread drizzled in olive oil -delightful right?!

Your trip to Lisbon would be incomplete if not accompanied by trying out these irresistible shellfish dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular fish dishes in Lisbon?

Some popular fish dishes in Lisbon include grilled sardines, codfish (bacalhau) dishes, octopus rice, seafood cataplana, and grilled sea bream. These dishes are often served with traditional sides like boiled potatoes, green peppers, and olives.

Where can I find the freshest seafood in Lisbon?

The best places to find fresh seafood in Lisbon are the local markets such as Mercado da Ribeira, Mercado de Campo de Ourique, and Mercado do Peixe. You can also find fresh seafood in restaurants along the coast, such as in Cascais or Estoril.

What is the traditional way of cooking fish in Lisbon?

The traditional way of cooking fish in Lisbon is to grill it over charcoal. This method gives the fish a smoky flavor and crispy skin. Another traditional way is to cook it in a cataplana, a copper pot that steams the fish with vegetables and spices.

Are there any sustainable seafood options in Lisbon?

Yes, there are many sustainable seafood options in Lisbon. Look for restaurants that serve fish from local fisheries that use sustainable fishing practices. Some restaurants even have certifications from organizations like the Marine Stewardship Council.

What are some must-try seafood restaurants in Lisbon?

Some must-try seafood restaurants in Lisbon are Cervejaria Ramiro, Sea Me, and Tasca da Esquina. These restaurants serve a variety of fresh seafood dishes and have a great atmosphere.

What is the best time of year to eat fish in Lisbon?

The best time of year to eat fish in Lisbon is during the summer months when the sardines are in season. The sardines are at their peak from June to September and are often grilled and served with boiled potatoes and peppers.

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